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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Take

We all have our favorite restaurants. The ones we can eat at over, and over, and over, and never tire of. Some might be places of our youth that we love, others hold special memories of a romantic evening w/ our significant other, and others just serve darn good food! For our family, one of these that top our list is Cracker Barrel. Adam and I always did like them, but after Alex came along and we realized we had a budding foodie on our hands--and by that I mean he will eat until he pops--we knew to go out as a family we were going to need a place that would fill us up w/o breaking our wallet!!! They have such amazing variety and everything tastes as if mom or grandma is in the kitchen slaving away over the stove. It truly is down home cooking brought right to your table. Plus, any place that serves breakfast ALL day is a hit w/ the Marshalls! Two weeks ago we were having our weekly Saturday night meal out, and once again it was at Cracker Barrel, and we were introduced to a side dish that knocked our socks off!! Well, okay, so none of us were wearing socks to begin with---but seriously they looked amazingly beautiful! Adam ordered one of their current specials, "Catfish Skewers". That's right---fried catfish on a stick!!!  How fun is that? But that's not even the best part! They were fun, and yummy, but not what I'm talking about!  I wasn't paying much attention to the menu, but when they brought his plate out there were some of the prettiest "taters" I had ever seen. OMGosh, they looked scrumptious! Adam tasted them, and was nice enough to share, and we were HOOKED! Right away we started picking them apart trying to figure out how they were cooked, what was on them, and how we could do them at home! I'm sure the people in the restaurant thought we were crazy! But after much discussion and lots of bites, we came up w/ something I think is pretty close. That's the great thing about food. You find something you love and if you're lucky you can recreate it, make it your own and enjoy it for years to come!

Skillet Bakers
3-4 large potatoes, baked and chilled overnight
Melted butter for basting
Salt and Pepper to taste
Your favorite seasoning blend- I like "Mixed Up Salt"

Slice potatoes into 1/4 inch slices. Brush both sides w/ melted butter and season w/ salt, pepper and herbs. Heat non stick skillet to medium. Cook potatoes in skillet until golden on both sides and skin is slightly crispy, about 15 minutes total, turning often.

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Erin said...

These potatoes look crispy and wonderful! I haven't been to Craker Barrel in years! I used to like it, but the closest one is 3 hours away!

Krista said...

They are so yummy! Nobody should have to be that far away from Cracker Barrel!! lol

MM said...

I have to drive an hour for a Cracker Barrel, so I'm glad to have this recipe. I also like the microwave speed up and that it doesn't require the oven. Way too hot for that right now!

Visiting from Made It On Monday @ Lark's Country Heart.

zacharonimom said...

Wow, those taters look yummy, and those brussells look good too....do you have a recipe for them?

Krista said...

Yes I do. They are delish. Here is the link: http://everydaymomsmeals.blogspot.com/2010/06/you-think-you-dont-like-brussels.html


zacharonimom said...

YUMMO! Those brussels sound as good as they look! Thanks for sharing the link with me...these will definitely be on the menu for next week! :0)

Krista said...

They are UH-MAZING!!!! Seriously,we can't enough of them! Once you try them, if you could come back and let me know if you liked them!

Amee said...

My mom used to make these when I was growing up with sauteed onions. YUM!!! Delicious memories! Thank you for sharing this tasty recipe. :)