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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Protect Your Identity

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifeLock Facebook for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With everything we do on the Internet these days, from reading the news to paying the majority of our bills, making sure thieves and hackers do not have access to our personal information is of the utmost importance.

Between blogging, personal business and recreation I spend more and more time on my laptop every single day. That means there is so much "of me" out in cyberspace I need to make sure I'm protected. And no other company does it better than LifeLock. 

Introducing LifeLock, today’s leader in the world of identity theft protection and information. LifeLock provides its customers with top of the line identity theft protection through a suite of services backed by state-of-the-art technology. In addition, LifeLock provides information on all aspects of identity theft and threats.

When you visit LifeLock.com you can see just what they can do to protect you and your identity. They have easy to understand packages and pricing so you can choose the one that is just right for you and your family.

Identity theft is not only frustrating and a huge hassle to recover from, it can truly be detrimental to you, your finances and your life. I have been lucky enough to never experience it for myself, but I've heard of so many stories of people getting their credit cards numbers, bank account info, even their social security numbers stolen and didn't realize it until it was too late.

LifeLock not only monitors your identity safety, it also scans for identity thefts, notifies you when something is found and responds accordingly. Plus, they can even track your credit score.
Another great feature you can find on their site is the ability to know How hack friendly is your password?

Do you know how fast a professional hacker can breach your password security?
• If you have 6 characters in your password with no symbol, it only takes a professional .000224 seconds 
• If you have 10 characters and one symbol in your password, it takes up to 20 days for a professional to break in. 
• What would this mean to your online banking, personal information and overall privacy?

I know for me, that means I need to take a second look at some of my passwords for my online information.
If I haven't convinced you yet, take a look at some other startling statistics:

• Households earning $100k + per year have the highest identity fraud rate at 7.4%
• The average cost per person of having identities stolen is $1,513
• 11.6 million adults were victims of identity fraud in 2011 and a total of $18 billion was lost.
Alarming stats for social media/ smartphone users that have experience identity fraud:
• 6.6% of victims are smartphone owners
• 6.8% of victims are social media users who click on the applications
• 8.2% of victims are social media users who have “checked in” using their smartphone GPS
• 10.1% of victims are LinkedIn users
If you want to learn more about your identity safety and what you can do about it, be sure to check them out online today and also LifeLock on Facebook

What do you do to protect yourself? How can LifeLock help You?

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