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Monday, May 23, 2011

Perfect for a Picnic

With Memorial Day just around the corner, it's time to bust out all those great summer salad and side dishes that are the perfect companion for hot dogs and hamburgers. This is one my family has been eating for years; and I mean years. I call it "moms" but that could either be my mom, or hers, since grandma taught her to make it and now I know too. Until now I've never actually made it myself, and I'm glad I asked mom to help that first time b/c her method of measuring, well, let's just say it isn't exact....lol. That's normal though for those recipes that are kept in the brain instead of in a box. Add some of this, a little of that, sprinkle some of this. Taste, repeat. So when mom helped me today I tried to guess on the amounts to make it easier for all of you, so be kind if they aren't an exact science. I promise the end product is worth it!

Mom's Macaroni Salad

1 lb. rotini pasta (elbows work too, but see note below), cooked, drained and cooled
10 oz jar olives, sliced
1 small onion, finely diced
6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1 1/2- 2 cups Miracle Whip (mayo doesn't taste the same)
3 TBS mustard
3 TBS sweet relish
1/2- 1 tsp celery seed
salt and pepper to taste

Mix pasta, eggs, olives and onion in a large bowl. Add 1/2 of dressing mixture and mix well. Add rest of dressing and finish mixing. Taste for salt/pepper. Add more if needed. Refrigerate w/ a damp paper towel between salad and lid to avoid drying out.

*NOTE* We've found that the only elbow macaroni that works w/o falling apart is the Creamette Jumbo Elbows.

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Carla Mueller said...

I've used Mueller's elbows (can you guess why?? lol) but only cook until firm (not soft) since they will soften further when they absorb the Miracle Whip. You're right...it just wouldn't taste the same with mayo....I love the tang of Miracle Whip in Macaroni Salad. I use chopped sweet gerkins (probably the same taste as the sweet relish) and a little bit of the pickle juice to thin out the Miracle Whip a little and add a little extra kick.

Amy said...

this looks tasty!!