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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

So while I knew it was around this time last year I began this blogging adventure, I did not realize it was May 13th :) One year later, I remember the apprehension I felt started it. I wondered "Will anybody read? Will anyone care? Will I get bored w/ it? Will it be something I start and then give up on?" I am happy to say all of those questions were totally unfounded and it is even more exciting today than 367 days ago. It's been such a learning experience and the overwhelming response has touched my heart and given me a sense of accomplishment I needed in my life and didn't even realize it. Thank you does not even cover the gratitude I have for all of you that read, commet, share, give me support, and offer me a forum to share my ideas w/ you. I still get excited each time someone says "Hey, I tried____ And it was fantastic." Or "I read your blog all the time and love it." What a lucky girl I am to have so many people around me willing to allow me to do something I love and share that w/ you. So, thank you 1000x over and please keep reading so one birthday can turn into many many more!

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