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Friday, May 20, 2011

Indoor Campfire

I revealed a couple months ago how I had finally tried Nutella for the first time and how it was quickly becoming my new addiction. Since then whenever I see a recipe using it I get so excited b/c I just don't think anything could taste bad when this yummy chocolate hazelnut dream spread is involved. Seriously, I think you could put it on a shoe tongue and it would be yummy. Ironically after sharing the recipe for the ice cream, Tina over at Mommy's Kitchen posted this as her recipe today. She must have been reading my mind!! 3 ingredients and you can have a campfire treat right in your own living room!! Looks like we'll be "camping out" this weekend!

Nutella S'mores

2 Graham cracker squares
2 TBS Nutella
1 Large Marshmallow, toasted

Spread the Nutella on one half of the graham cracker. Top w/ one marshmallow. Place the graham cracker half in the toaster oven or you can use your ovens broiler. Toast the marshmallow until lightly browned. Remove and add the second graham cracker half. Smoosh down and enjoy!

*NOTE* We use fondue dippers to roast marshmallows over the flame on our gas stove. So I will probably roast a whole bunch and do an assembly line of these when we make them! Even easier!
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