Everyday Mom's Meals: More Great Lunch/Snack Ideas

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Great Lunch/Snack Ideas

Well, we are now into day 3 and Mommy is handling this "my baby is at school all day" scenario. I've realized that I can survive the 6.5 hours he is gone and actually I get A LOT done! However, by about the 5.5 hour point, I'm counting the minutes until he gets home. Today I happened to drive past the playground while the kids were at recess and I found myself slowing down trying to just catch a glimpse of him. Hopefully he has eaten by now and enjoyed his lunch; and speaking of lunch, here are 2 more great ideas for fun healthy things to pack in a kid's, or adult's for that matter, lunch. Or even to use as a easy and quick after school snack that isn't full of sugar to cause "bouncing off the walls" syndrome.

Tuxedo Olives
Cut cheese sticks (string cheese) into thin strips. Stuff inside large pitted black olives. Toss w/ olive oil, red wine vinegar and parsley.

*I realize I am very lucky that my child likes black olives, so if your child doesn't, maybe something else instead? And I'm actually not going to dress these for Alex; but if I were to make them for a party I definitely would.

Pretzel Melts
Sandwich small slices of cheddar between mini twist pretzels. Put on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake about 10 minutes @ 425ยบ. Serve w/ mustard.

*I actually like this one for me! With the mustard aspect it reminds me of a soft pretzel dipped in mustard...Yum. I might make a big batch of these just to have on hand as snacks around the house!

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