Everyday Mom's Meals: Kindergarten, Here We Come

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kindergarten, Here We Come

This week I am dedicating each day's post to my wonderful son Alex. He is 5 1/2 and yesterday was his first day of school. He started full day Kindergarten, and while it is very hard for Mommy to imagine him not being here all day, every day, w/ me, I'm so happy to see his excitement for school and joy of learning. He is just thrilled about each little thing that goes along w/ the whole experience. I will be packing his lunch every day so that 1. we know he is getting nutritous things and 2. we know he is getting enough. He is used to VERY large meals, w/ many different things and I just don't know if the school lunch is prepared for that...lol. So while looking for new ideas for things to pack for him I turned to an insert that was in the September issue of Food Network magazine. It was actually "50 Great After School Snacks", but I am using it for lunch ideas. Since I was SO overwhelmed w/ the emotions that went w/ yesterday I did not post, I will share 2 today to make up for it:) I'm so proud of my little man and while I miss him like crazy, I am so thankful that he is adjusting so well and if a nice lunch w/ unique things is a little something I can do to make his day better, I'm so honored to do so.

Saltine "Sandwiches"
2 saltine crackers
1 slice of strawberry (usually 1/3 of a berry)
peanut butter

Put peanut butter on each cracker. Put strawberry slice on one cracker w/ a single drop of honey. Put crackers together to form "sandwich".

Apples in the "Mud"
apple slices
peanut butter
rolled oats, granola, or crushed cereal

Put peanut butter on edge of apple slices, about an 1/2 inch wide. Roll in oats, granola or crushed cereal. The recipe did not mention the cereal, but I'm going to crush Captain Crunch and roll the apples in that!

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