Everyday Mom's Meals: Infuse Your Cooking With Boyajian {A Review}

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Infuse Your Cooking With Boyajian {A Review}

Flavored oils and vinegars seem to be all the rage these days, and I have to say I have fully jumped onto the bandwagon. I love finding unique uses for them in my cooking, and discovering new flavor combinations to try. So, today I want to tell you about my friends at Boyajian who specialize in citrus oil, infused oils and vinegars. 

Boyajian Inc takes pride in providing their customers with the best quality, delicious products that enhance any cook's masterpiece. 

The citrus oils are made from the citrus rind – for example, it takes about 400 limes to produce one 5 ounce bottle of lime oil – and they capture the true essence of the fruit. Very popular among bakers, they are also great for adding a touch of citrus to savory dishes – a little goes a long way! I found the lemon to be a great substitute in a few recipes in which I normally use lemon extract. 

The infused oils are made by infusing olive oil with different herbs – garlic oil, rosemary oil, chili oils. And they are made exactly the way you would think...my steeping ingredients in the oil. There are no weird artificial ingredients like “garlic aroma.” These are great used in recipes or even as a condiment – a splash of garlic oil on top of some slow cooker black beans or a drizzle of habanero oil to spice up some crispy baked chicken. The Garlic Oilmakes a fantastic addition to marinades I use every single day.

The one I was most excited to try was the Balsamic Fig Vinegar. I am a balsamic nut, but sometimes find it to be a little bitter, but I knew the flavor of the fig would balance that out nicely. It's fantastic in a salad dressing or even drizzled on some grilled fruit! 

You can find Boyajian Garlic Oil at Costco in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. And to see if a store near you carries them, simply click here. Plus, you can always order online as well. 

With Mother's and Father's Day coming up, if you have foodies in your life, these infused oils and vinegars would make terrific gift ideas. So be sure to check out them today, and follow all the latest on Facebook and Twitter too! 

Disclaimer: I was given product samples in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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