Everyday Mom's Meals: Soul Food Saturday

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soul Food Saturday

Ever have one of those days where you have thought about what to make for dinner all day? That you have to make it, because it literally has become a craving in the back of your mind by this point? Because you are for sure you have all you need for the recipe you dive in head first without double checking…Yep that was me with this recipe. I’d gotten nearly through and found I was missing a main ingredient! What’s Jambalaya without rice? Well normally it would just be meat, seafood and veggies with a delicious sauce. But suddenly my mind went back to a day of watching one of our favorite shows. Swamp People. Bruce made Jambalaya Pasta. Jambalaya PASTA!!! I was just as surprised to see it as some of you may be just hearing it. I had pasta! This is where the recipe continued, and you get to try something new with me. Grab a fork and bring your best pasta twirling skills, this one is going to be good!
Spicy Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya Pasta
 1 TBS olive oil     
1 lb. fresh spicy sausage links, sliced
2 yellow bell peppers,  julienne
2 lb. precooked, frozen salad shrimp
1 medium sweet onion,  sliced
2 tsp. Granulated garlic   
Salt to taste
3 tsp. ground cumin      
2 TBS. flour
1/2 lb. Cooked noodles (I used fettuccine)

In a large skillet add oil and sausage pieces. Stir to coat with oil and cook until browned.  Cover and lower the heat. Cook until sausage is no longer pink. Remove sausages from pan. Then add onions, peppers, and half of seasonings. Sprinkle with a touch of salt. Stir to combine. Cook until peppers and onions have softened.  Add shrimp and remaining seasonings. Stir to combine. Cover and simmer until shrimp is warmed through. Add flour to a small bowl with 1 c. of cooking liquid. Stir to combine and remove lumps. Raise heat slightly till juices are near boiling. Add flour mixture and stir to combine. Allow for mixture to boil and begin to thicken. Add sausages back to the pan and stir to combine. Cook until thickened and sausage has heated through. Stir in cooked pasta.

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