Everyday Mom's Meals: Alex's Lunch Plan Feb 21-25

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alex's Lunch Plan Feb 21-25

So I realized the other day I've really dropped the ball on posting Alex's lunches. I guess I have been concentrating on my goals for our suppers (a new recipe each week and using things 2x) his "plan" has taken a back seat. But only on this blog! Don't worry- he has still been fed every day :) Plus after Christmas Vacation, I implemented a new idea into his lunch plan that probably caused me not to focus on it quite as much. Alex now eats hot lunch at school once per week, if behavior permits it. Yes, we use hot lunch as a tool b/c it's a very big deal to him and it's actually worked great as a bargaining tool. In fact, last week he earned an extra day of hot lunch as a reward and the kid was as excited as if I bought him a toy! We go over the school menu and pick out the healthiest day and that is the day he is allowed to get it. If something happens during the week at school behavior wise, then he knows either the hot lunch day that week, or the next week if the timing calls for it will be taken away and he will pack. I realize some parents might think I'm nuts for trying to bargain w/ school lunch, but to Alex it was something he really wanted to do, and I saw it as a chance to use a want, and a need, as a privilege. We call it creative parenting; and Alex is the type of child that we sometimes need to have creative consequences for. And this way, he still eats, and well I might add, but the idea he doesn't get to do what his friends are doing (eating hot lunch) really seems to resonate w/ him :) So far, it's been a very good way to work w/ Alex on trying to earn something he wants. However, here is what we will be packing this week for the little guy to enjoy.

Lemonade Capri Sun
Ham/Cheese Sandwich
PBJ crackers
Honey Grahams

Strawberry Milk
Cheese Rice Crisps
Vanilla Fish


Apple Juice
PB/Honey Sandwich
String Cheese
Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels
Fruit Roll Up

Wild Cherry Capri Sun
Ham/Cheese Sandwich
Pizza "Goldfish"

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