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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Treat With No Regret

All of the summer like temps that we've had these past few weeks in Indiana were not only very welcomed, but also got me thinking about summer time drinks and treats. Not very often do I crave something cold and refreshing in the middle of March and April, but this year spring came early! And thinking of those made me remember the wonderful, delectable treat I was first introduced to last summer. I love ice cream and milkshakes, but here is the problem. In my adult life I've come to discover I can't eat soft serve ice cream b/c it really bothers my stomach. I'm not sure why b/c I can eat "hard pack" all day long w/o a single problem. I also eat tons of other dairy and don't suffer in the least, but soft serve is no longer my friend. And unfortunately, many ice cream shops around here either only serve it, and/or it's what they use in all their shakes, so that leaves me out. I suppose I could just eat it, enjoy it for about 5 minutes and then suffer for it later, but what's the point? Well, one extremely hot Saturday night last summer, we were out shopping and decided to get Alex ice cream. We sat in the drive thru going over the menu seeing if there was anything I could enjoy too, when I came upon something I had never seen before, Boston Cooler.  Adam inquired as to what it was and when the girl told him I decided I would give it a try, soft serve and all. Here's why: it used ginger ale in it! So I'm thinking to myself, not only do I get the refreshing taste of ginger, but also the calming effects it has on my stomach. (There is  reason why it's been the "go-to" drink for flu sufferers for years!) I took that first sip and was instantly hooked! It was so good!! And I was absolutely right. The ginger ale totally counteracted the effects of the soft serve ice cream in it. This is so simple I can make it at home any time I am craving it and enjoy it all summer, or this year, spring long!

Boston Cooler
8 oz. ginger ale ( I like Canada Dry)
2 large scoops vanilla ice cream

In a large glass, place one scoop of ice cream. Pour ginger ale over. Add other scoop to top. Serve w/ straw and a tall spoon. You can also make this as a blended drink. Add all ingredients to blender and mix until well combined.

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Andi said...

Hi Krista new follower from the wednesday baker. I posted Easy Italain Wedding soup. Looked around and everything looks nice. I like your Boston cooler drink. Have a reat week andi

TAP said...

They have been making this at Dairy Queen for years....I worked for them for 20 years retiring in 1999.....They list it on their menu as a Ginger Ale Freeze..We always called it a Boston Cooler back in my day.......If you asked for it today the kids would probably look at you like you were crazy......They were so cool and refreshing .....Was definitely one of my all time favorites.....Some DQs don't carry ginger ale .....it's just as good with sprite or 7up.....Love your recipes.....

Krista said...

Thank you for the kind words. Our Dairy Queens don't have anything like this! I need to let them know they need to!

Sunshine - www.cancersurvivor26.blogger.com said...

Wow...how simple and delicious does that look! Yum!


Lynn said...

Up here in Canada, we grew up calling this drink a "Float". ; ) It's great with just about any soda pop. Love it! Thanks for a childhood memory.