Everyday Mom's Meals: Paw Patrol Comes to Indiana

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Paw Patrol Comes to Indiana

If you have a little one like me, there is a very good chance you also have a huge Paw Patrol fan in your house! Max discovered these adorable, helpful pups a few months ago, and ever since he has been OBSESSED! 

So, you can imagine my utter giddiness when I found our one of our favorite places to take our boys, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, was adding a Paw Patrol exhibit! Oh. My. Pup!

That's right, your kids can visit Adventure Bay, step into the lookout tower and join all their favorite friends, Chase, Marshall, Everest, Skye, Tracker, Rubble, Zuma and Rocky for some "pup-tastic" fun!

Now before we begin, here is one small note. When you find the exhibit, and you see the line...you might be inclined to run the other way. Yes, it's busy. Yes, the line can be quite long at times, but take it from someone who was there on very busy Saturday, it goes much faster than you expect. We waited about 20 minutes, and once you are inside you realize why they are only allowing a certain number of people inside at a time. It maximizes the fun the kids can have. Everyone can comfortably run around, play and have fun with space to spare.

But when your kids see what awaits them, if they are anything like mine, they aren't going to mind waiting at all! The minute Max turned the corner he was completely mesmerized!

And of course, as we got closer, he had to take a picture with his very favorite pup, Marshall!

 Once inside, you are immediately transformed to Adventure Bay! First off, all of Paw Patrol Pups are waiting to greet their little friends.

 As they explore, they will find some favorite places and things to do from the show.They can drive the Paw Patroller Truck and the Air Patroller.

Then they can head over to Mr. Porter's Bakery and bake some delicious donuts! Or, if they want a little more adventure head up Jake's Mountain, lookout high, and then slide down!

If you have a little Paw Patrol fanantic like us, I guarantee he/she will be in seventh heaven every minute they get to spend here! Oh, and they can have a memento to always remember it. There is a little kiosk where you take a pic with the whole Paw Patrol gang and have it emailed to you! We even got big brother in on the action!

Sports fans in your house? They will adore the Sports Experience. With exhibits indoors and out, there is something for everyone. Our teenager couldn't wait to get outside in the sunshine and play some football, baseball and basketball.

While he was getting a great workout with his dad,  Max and I stayed inside where it was a little warmer and he could explore a little. Cars, cars and more cars!!

Of course, we are such experts at TCM by now, our boys have favorite exhibits they always have to see, and big brother loves to share the ones he has loved for years with his little shadow. At the top of the list? Dinosaurs of course! From hanging out in a dino nest, to learning about all of them from T-Rex to Stegosaurus, your little dinosaur fans will get full experience!

One of the best things about The Children's Museum is they truly offer something for everyone of every age! Case in point? How excited my 44 year old husband was for the new Star Trek exhibit! You can see uniforms worn and a real Enterprise ship used in filming! All the "trekkies" out there need to see this!

As you can imagine, we had so much fun we are still talking about it. Max asks to see the pictures daily; and we can't wait to go back because there is always something new to see!

Be sure to stay up on all TCM has to offer through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Paw Patrol is open until July, so plan your pup-tastic trip today!

Disclaimer: I received free admission for my family in exchange for sharing our experience. All thoughts, opinions and photos are mine. 

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