Everyday Mom's Meals: Light and Bright For Spring

Monday, March 30, 2015

Light and Bright For Spring

By now all of you know how much of a pasta fiend I am. Seriously, it's an addiction. If there were meetings, I would attend. I'd be a leader. Multiple times per week. I have to refrain from eating pasta every meal. Every day. And no, I'm not exaggerating. 

If you're a regular reading, you also know I'm a huge fan of lemon. Anything and everything lemon. Especially in the warm months. Beginning in spring and right through to summer, it's at the top of my favorite flavors. 

So, imagine my excitement, my joy, my utter elation when I saw a recipe combining them!!! Oh. My. Blog. I couldn't even fathom how could this was going to be, but I was ready to find out! 

If you've never tasted a Meyer lemon, it is even more lemony than a regular one. (Is that a word? Well, it is now.) Plus, it has hints of orange in the background. So they give you a double citrus punch in whatever you use them in. 

This is a creamy, filling pasta supper, while still being light. I know that's hard to believe, but it really is! It tricks your brain into thinking it's eating a much heavier cream sauce. Not to mention the fact the hints of lemon are so refreshing and bright! 

If you are looking for ways to enjoy some lighter, but still filling and satisfying meals, for spring, you've come to the right place. Or if you are simply a pasta and/or lemon addict and are looking for an enabler, I've got you covered there too. 

Creamy Lemon Linguine
2 lbs. linguine, cooked according to package directions
5 Meyer lemons, juiced
4 tsp. grated Meyer lemon rind
1 c. park skim ricotta cheese
1/2 c. chopped chives
1/2 c. heavy cream
1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 c. plus 6 TBS pasta cooking water
Salt and Pepper to taste

While pasta is cooking in salted water, add ricotta, lemon juice, rind, and cream to a blender. When pasta is finished, BEFORE draining, carefully remove the cooking water to a separate bowl. Add 6 TBS cooking water to blender and blend until smooth. Drain pasta well. Heat a large dutch oven over medium-low heat. Add cream mixture. Heat until warmed through. Add pasta, chives salt and pepper. Stir. Add 1/2 c. cooking water a little at a time until pasta mixture is creamy. Remove from heat, add Parmesan cheese. Garnish with extra chives. *NOTE* If eating leftover, add a splash of cream or water to make creamy again. Also, I don't know how this would work with regular lemons. The Meyer variety can be found at most grocery stores. I got mine at Kroger and have seen them at Meijer too. 

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