Everyday Mom's Meals: Be A Rock Star In Your Kitchen {A Review}

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Be A Rock Star In Your Kitchen {A Review}

What if I told you there is a way for you to prepare a delicious, healthy meal with almost no thinking at all? That there is a service does takes all the guess work out of it, and does all the prep work for you? Sound like something you might be interested in trying? Well, then let me introduce you to the new Indiana company, Fresh Artistry

Based in Indianapolis, Fresh Artistry is focused on helping the home cook feel and look like a master chef without any of the hassle or skill involved. Their local chef designs menus, and they deliver fresh, pre-measured produce, herbs, spices, meats and instructions right to your door step. With the easy to follow recipe guides, your meal will turn out perfectly every time. 

And when I say meats, let me be more specific because one of the things I was most impressed with when I received my delivery was I could tell the meats were local. In fact, my chicken came from Miller Amish Poultry in Orland, Indiana; and wrapped at Moody's Butcher Shop in Avon, In. It has no antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives....ever. This is exactly the kind of meats I use in my home, so it's nice to know Fresh Artistry has the same standards as I do. 

One of the other things I loved most about my Fresh Artistry delivery was the simplicity. I've tried a few of the sous-chef delivery companies out there, and some of them were so complicated I felt very over whelmed. But this box was easy to read, easy to understand and the game plan was very clear.

So, what did I get to cook? An absolutely delicious meal my family gobbled up: Peach-Chipotle Glazed Chicken with Smashed Potatoes and Fresh Green Beans. 

We seriously couldn't get enough of this yummy dish. The only complaint we had was we didn't have enough to make it again! 

If you love to cook at home, but don't have as much time as you would like to commit to it, Fresh Artistry would be great for you. Or maybe you have a foodie in your life you are looking for the perfect gift for this holiday season. They would love this! Or maybe you know of a newlywed couple who is just starting out, this would be quite the treat for them too! 

For more info, menu options and pricing plans, be sure to find them online, on Facebook, and Twitter

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