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Friday, April 4, 2014

Even Better Biscuits

Do you eat with three utensils or four? I know many of you are thinking...pondering...counting on your fingers. Don't worry. I haven't created a new piece of cutlery. What I'm referring to is bread. See, in our family, you have the knife, fork, spoon, and with 99% of meals, some sort of bread product. Biscuits, rolls, sliced bread, muffins, etc...they show up so often we just consider them another utensil to get the food in our mouths.

Even when we go out to eat, some of our favorite go-to places are those we know we will be served complimentary rolls or bread before the meal. What can I say? We are carb lovin' people. And one of those which we enjoy the most are the rolls and butter at a certain steak house. I probably don't even have to say the name. Ya'll know exactly which one I'm talking about. The warm, butter topped rolls with this amazing flavored butter that only makes them "more melt in your mouth" fantastic.

This is so simple, the food processor does all the work for you! Plus, it holds up in the fridge really well. I think it would make a great addition to your Easter table as well. Sure, your guests will be excited with fresh baked rolls, but imagine how giddy they will be when they find this to top them with!

If your family has to have some variety of bread with almost every meal, almost more than they need that spoon, give them a little something extra special to go with it!

Cinnamon Honey Butter
1 stick butter, room temp
1/4 c. honey
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in food processor. Pulse until creamy and combined. Use on biscuits, rolls, bread, toast, etc. Refrigerate leftovers.

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