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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Garden Rubies

Personally I think one of the true gems of summer that come from dirt is a fresh, home grown tomato. Mmmmm. I have always loved tomatoes, big, small, Beef Steak, Cherry, Grape, Heirloom, Green........I could seriously eat a huge juicy tomato just like an apple. Well, plus salt. The little ones become what we call "snackers" in our house. I leave a bowl of them on the counter and all three of us just walk by and pop one in our mouths every now and then. And one of my most favorite things to do w/ fresh tomatoes? Tomato sandwiches!! I like mine on toast, w/ salt and pepper. Then I have 2 condiments I always choose from. I either do straight up mayo, or if I have extra time or just want something a little extra special, herb mayo!! My recipe for that was one of the first ones I shared when I started blogging. (But don't worry, I won't make you go looking for it, I will include it here) The herbs just heighten the flavor of the tomatoes and add a little extra spark to the sandwich. Or if you are making them for guests, it's the thing that will make them go "Hmmmm". I was so excited when I walked outside and saw 3 ripe beauties hanging from our Topsy Turvy planters. Yep, we're those people. We bought the "as seen on TV" product; and they work! They really work. How great is it that I can literally open up our back door, reach out and have fresh tomatoes at my fingertips? Wonderful. That's what it is! For a quick lunch, light supper, or like me, an evening snack these little gems make one heck of a sandwich!

Tomato Sandwich w/ Herb Mayo

1 small or medium tomato sliced
Salt and Pepper
2 slices of bread, toasted (I used wheat)

Herb Mayo
1 c. mayo
2 tsp dried orgeano
2 tsp dried basil
2 tsp dried dill weed
1 tsp dried parsley
*NOTE* These are the amounts I found I enjoy. Adjust for your taste.

Season sliced tomatoes w/ salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients for mayo together well. On each slice of toast spread some mayo. Top one slice w/ tomatoes. Add second slice. Cut and serve. Extra mayo can be stored in a covered dish in the fridge for about a week.

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nancy@skinnykitchen.com said...

I agree, fresh tomatoes are true gems. They make most sandwich recipes come alive with flavor!

What's Cookin Stacey?? said...

My fav too! Love your blog!!!

shopannies said...

these are my moms favorite sandwich come visit me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Janiece said...

It is funny you did a blog on fresh tomato sandwiches. Our plants are just starting to have red yummy happiness on them, and I was thinking what a fun blog that would be.
I love your herb mayo...I will try it tonight.

Thanks for posting on Chef in Training so I could find you.