Everyday Mom's Meals: Elementary School Throwback

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Elementary School Throwback

    I am not a huge TikTok fan. I don't have the app, and we don't let our teenage son have it either. No hate to those who enjoy it, just a personal choice. 

    But here is the reality: I see a LOT of TikTok videos on my other socials, and doing what I do for a living, that's a good thing. Viral TikTok recipes are some of the most popular ones out there right now, so if I'm going to keep up on all things "cool" in food, I need to accept TikTok into my world. 

    I first saw this recipe back in the fall, and then found out I was late to the game because it had already gone viral on TikTok. So, what caught my attention? Two things actually. First off, any recipe that uses egg noodles will immediately have my allegiance, because I can't get enough of them. Secondly, any dish that only involves one pot is going to the top of my must-make list.

    These saucy, flavorful noodles make a terrific side dish to any weeknight meal, but you could also double the recipe, add some protein and have a simple supper. (I have also been known to make them for lunch...for myself...and then eat the leftovers all week. Yes, they are that good!)

    Be sure to read the recipe and tips carefully so you can have 100% noodle success. TikTok recipes are here to stay, so I promise when I see one I think you will love, I will try it, share it and hopefully be allowed to sit at the cool kids table for some time to come.

What Are Cafeteria Noodles

    This easy dish is a throwback to a noodle dish many school cafeterias and cafeteria-style restaurants used to serve. It is a one-pot wonder with egg noodles, chicken stock, butter and cream of chicken soup. The result is a bowl of creamy, saucy noodles that are so flavorful and comforting. 

Do I Have To Use Cream of Chicken Soup

    I realize many people don't like using condensed soups in cooking, and while I respect that and normally try to find a suitable substitute, for this recipe there really isn't one. You need the soup to help thicken the sauce and add a creamy factor. If you make these and use something else that works, please drop a comment and let me know!

What Kind Of Egg Noodles To Use

    Egg noodles come in all sorts of sizes and varieties from dried to frozen. I love to use different kinds in different recipes. For Cafeteria Noodles, you will want every day, wide egg noodles from the pasta aisle. I wouldn't suggest using a smaller medium noodle that might fall apart during the longer cooking time.

Cafeteria Noodles (TikTok Recipe)

Cafeteria Noodles

1 lb. wide egg noodles

1 qt. chicken broth

1 stick unsalted butter

1 chicken bouillon cube with herbs and spices

1 can cream of chicken soup

Salt and Pepper

Dried Parsley, for garnish

In a Dutch Oven or large pot, bring chicken stock and bouillon cute to a boil over medium heat. Add egg noodles and stir well. Bring back to a boil. Add soup and stir well. Bring up to a boil and cook 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat, add butter and stir well to combine. Cover with lid (make sure it fights tight) and allow to sit for 20 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with parsley and serve. 

Cafeteria Noodles (TikTok Recipe)

Best Tips:

Don't worry if the noodles aren't completely covered with stock. They will still cook perfectly.

Be sure to stir well at each step to avoid noodles sticking and becoming mushy.

I like the bouillon cubes with herbs and spices for extra flavor, but regular work too. 

Make this a complete meal by adding shredded chicken, turkey or even grilled shrimp.Other add ins: Fresh herbs, Parmesan cheese, cooked mushrooms or other veggies.

Be sure your pot's lid fits tightly. The heat must be trapped inside for the noodles to cook.

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