Everyday Mom's Meals: Load It Up

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Load It Up

In the summer time I am always finding ways to cook outside. If it can be put on the grill, it's going on b/c I will do anything not to heat up the house w/ the oven, and on the really hot days I don't even want to turn the microwave on. Especially since we have an eat in kitchen so when we sit down to dinner we're 2 feet away from the oven that has been setting at 400 for an hour! Eating in a sauna is not my idea of fun. One of my summertime grill treats are baked potatoes. In the winter I love doing them in the oven, but when it turns warm they are going on the grill. If I have a lot of time I will grill them the whole way, but if not I will start them in the microwave and finish them outside. Once they are done, it's time for my favorite way to eat a "tater"-loaded! I was first introduced to this concept when I was a waitress at Bob Evans, and now see them wherever we go. I don't always have everything on hand, so we do eat "plain" potatoes too, but when I think about it a warm fluffy potato w/ all the trimmings is the way to go. There are endless possibilities of toppings, but these are our favorites. So the next time you're tired, hot and hungry, grab a steak and a potato, throw them grill side; and let your imagination take you to new potato heights! I'm telling you, the person who figures out how I can make spaghetti on the grill is going to be my hero forever!

Loaded Baked Potatoes

4 lg. baking potatoes
olive oil
salt and pepper
scallions, chopped
real bacon bits
sour cream
sharp cheddar cheese

Wash and dry potatoes. Poke w/ a/ fork a few times. If cooking entirely on the grill, rub in olive oil, salt and pepper. Wrap each in aluminum foil. Grill time will depend on size, anywhere from 30-60 minutes on medium heat. If starting in microwave, cook for 5-7 minutes and then dress, wrap and grill for additional 10-15 minutes. When a fork is inserted easily into the middle, they are done. Once cooked, top w/ toppings.

*NOTE* Other ideas for toppings: Diced green pepper, olives, salsa, chives, dill, plain yogurt, etc.


Unknown said...

Yum yum yum! I love potatoes and I agree with using your outdoor grill more often in the summer so your house doesn't get any extra heat!! : )

Sherri@FoodBasics101 said...

Hello Krista! I found you through Basilmomma's Blog Hop. I love, love baked potatoes...the more cheese and butter the better. Your recipe looks delish!
Have a great day! Sherri

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Eating Deliciously said...

Looks fantastic! I found you via the blog hop at basilmomma.

Krista said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Betty Martha said...

I love baked potatoes!! I have a taco tator on my mash up meal - you should try that :)