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Monday, June 20, 2011

Go Ahead, Play w/ Your Food

That's right, I'm going against everything your mother ever taught you. (Don't tell her. Better yet, don't tell mine!!) It's summer vacation, FINALLY, at our house and I am so happy to have Alex here every day to entertain me! It's so funny now that he is a little older b/c we can go about our days, be together, even in the same room, but I don't have to be constantly entertaining him anymore. I don't have to plan my chores around the time he is going to demand my attention. He entertains himself, I do my work and when we're both done we can find something fun to do together. It's really different this summer--much more peaceful. I feel like when we play together or find a project to do it's a joint effort and not just me trying to keep him occupied. But I'm still a creative mom who likes to keep a few tricks up my sleeve for those rainy days when we're stuck inside and by about 2pm everything is checked off the "to do" list and the words "I'm bored" are starting to creep from his brain to his tongue. I found this on I Can Teach My Child.and even though her (Jenae is a teacher and a mom--what a combo!!) site is geared towards slightly younger children I thought this is something Alex would get a huge kick out of--and feel like he is "getting away w/ something". Seriously how many times as he heard me say "don't eat that" now only to have it be okay! I actually think it might be better he's a little older, lessen the confusion b/c when he was 3 he wouldn't have understood why it was okay one time and I was freaking out the next! This site has a ton of ideas, helpful info and creative projects for parents. I love the first line of the welcome page "you are your child's first teacher" :) After all we all need activities to keep those little minds fresh during these summer months before the alarm rings on that first day of school!

Edible Playdough

9 oz. creamy peanut butter
3/4 c. nonfat dry milk
3 TBS honey

Mix all together in a large bowl. Check the consistency. If it is still too sticky to handle, add more dry milk. It should roll in your hands w/ very little sticking. Play away! Use cookie cutters, candies/dried fruits for decorations. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

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The Country Cook said...

That is so cute! It is great as they get older, isn't it? They learn to entertain themselves and life is SO much calmer. He's actually at camp for a couple of hours today. So funny, because he goes there with about 6 other Alex's...lol. But he is so used to being called Alex S. now that I'm not sure he understands that people can just call him Alex if they want..hee hee. I'm definitely going to give this a try!!

Krista said...

Kids are so funny when they get used to their names a certain way. My Alex, Alexander Lee Marshall. When he first went into Kindergarten he told everyone his last name was "Lee Marshall". LOL He didn't understand the concept of a middle name:)