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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Pasta For Lent

No matter if you celebrate Lent or not, are looking for meat-free dinners or not, this pasta bake is going to end up on your menu plant ASAP. How do I know? Because I am a busy mom who loves to be able to make dishes with short ingredient lists too, and if I have everything on hand already, even better. 

First let's talk about the inspo for this recipe. Those meat-free Friday meals so many of us have to plan during Lent. Let's face it, there is only so much fish and cheese pizza you can eat.  

Pasta bakes seem like a great alternative, but guess what I realized when I went back through my archives to share some on my Facebook page. Most of them, at least mine, contain meat of some sort. Ground beef, sausage, chicken, meatballs...our favorites seem to always have meat in them. Which during most of the year is no big deal, but if there are EMM loyalists out there looking for something meatless, they aren't going to much help. 

So why create a new dish and not just omit the meat from another? Well, for one, that's my job lol and two, because sometimes if you omit meat from a pasta bake, it isn't going to set up right because the liquid to protein ratio will be off. Nobody wants a soggy pasta supper. 

This is basically a grown up version of a dish my husband has been making for a quick weekend for our entire almost 21 year marriage; and also makes for our boys, whom love it. He literally boils a box of elbow macaroni, mixes it with a jar of pasta sauce (usually the cheapest kind he can find) and done. That's it. Maybe sprinkle with a little Parmesan at the table. 

I took that concept, made it a little more bougie with a nice flavored pasta sauce, penne pasta and added a ton of cheese. Why so much cheese? Because your kids will gobble this down when they see how ooey gooey it is. Oh, and talking about kids- if you have picky eaters who don't groove on the meat so much, how happy are they going to be to find out this is just noodles, sauce and cheese? 

Cheesy Baked Penne is super easy, super affordable and 100% delicious. It also happens to be one of those pastas that tastes great (almost better) the next day for lunch. 

If you are celebrating Lent, I hope this is helpful for you, but if you aren't, still give it a try on a night when you just can't handle complicated!

Cheesy Baked Penne

Can I use a different kind of pasta? 

Sure! Whatever you have on hand will work: elbows, rotini, ziti, shells, etc. 

Can I use a different kind of pasta sauce? 

Yep! I like the flavor of tomato & basil, but traditional or marinara would also work. Obviously if you're trying to go meat free, a meat flavored one not so much.

  Why 3-4 cups of cheese?

 I wanted to use all 4 cups I had, but decided 2 cups was a little too much for the top. But you can use whatever amount your family will like.

Cheesy Baked Penne

Best Tips

Look for a jarred sauce that says "thick" so it bakes up nicely. 

You could add veggies this as well: mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, spinach. Be sure to precook them and drain off any extra liquid. 

An Italian blend cheese would work too. 

Add some dried red pepper flakes for a little spice. 

Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for 2-3 days. Cover to reheat in microwave. 

Cheesy Baked Penne

2 (16 oz.) boxes penne

2 (24 oz.) jars tomato basil pasta sauce

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. Italian seasoning, extra for top

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

3-4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 

Preheat oven to 350. Grease a deep 9x13 baking dish. Boil pasta until al dente. In a large bowl combine pasta sauce and seasonings. When pasta is cooked, drain well. Add to sauce. Mix well. Add half pasta to bottom of baking dish. Sprinkle with 2 cups cheese. Add rest of pasta. Top with remaining cheese, either 1-2 cups. Sprinkle with extra Italian seasoning. Bake for 20-25 minutes until cheese is melted. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. 

Cheesy Baked Penne

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Some Might Call Me Obsessed

 Over the past year, nothing has been posted more to EMM than frozen meatball recipes. I make no apologies for it, and I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am creating them. 

I blog what we eat. Sure, there are times when I try to keep up with food trends like when I made Marry Me Chicken, Whipped Hot Chocolate and Cafeteria Noodles to name a few. And while we enjoyed those recipes very much, for the most part what you see on the blog are dishes I have made with the intention to simply just get supper on the table.

Hence why so many meatball recipes have made their way to your feed thanks to my page. I have become a little obsessed with finding new ways to utilize one of my favorite frozen foods. 

So how did this latest one come to be? I was planning a Mexican night at home, but wasn't feeling tacos, burritos or nachos. Time to see if I could combine my meatball friends with Mexican flavors we love. The answer? YES! 

Crock Pot Enchilada Meatballs can be served as a tasty appetizer for a crowd or for an easy weeknight supper like I did, alongside some cheesy rice. You could also pile them into a hoagie roll, top with cheese, lettuce and tomato for a tasty twist on a meatball sub! 

If you saw yet another meatball recipe and groaned, I'm sorry you're disappointed. But I promise you might change your mind at the first bite!

What kind of meatballs do I use?

You want to look for the frozen meatballs called "homestyle" or sometimes original. Italian ones won't taste the same.

 Can I cook on high instead of low?

If time is an issue, yes you can cook these on high for 2 hours.

 Can I substitute something for the enchilada sauce?

While I haven't tried anything else, you could! Maybe a green verde sauce or even a salsa instead. If you do, let me know how it goes!

What do I serve with Crock Pot Enchilada Meatballs?

Some ideas: Cilantro rice, refried beans, chips and salsa, fiesta corn, black beans

 What is your favorite brand of frozen meatballs?

My two favorite frozen meatballs to use are the Great Value brand at Walmart and Bremer's at Aldi. Yep, both are just as tasty as name brand and much. more budget-friendly!

Crock Pot Enchilada Meatballs

 Best Tips
Be sure to stir the meatballs well before serving to coat them well in the sauce.
If you can find a packet of enchilada seasoning instead of taco, that would be perfect!
Like things spicy? Use Pepper Jack cheese, spicy Rotel and/or diced jalapeños.
A can of diced green chilies would be delicious too.

Crock Pot Enchilada Meatballs

1 (28 oz.) bag frozen homestyle meatballs

1 (10 oz.) cans red enchilada sauce

1 (10 oz.) can Rotel 

1 packet taco seasoning

Shredded Mexican style cheese 

Cilantro, for garnish

In the bottom of Crock Pot, whisk together enchilada sauce, Rotel and taco seasoning. Add meatballs. Stir to combine. Cook on LOW 4 hours. Keep on warm until serving. Stir before serving. Sprinkle with cheese and cilantro. 

Crock Pot Enchilada Meatballs

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

A New Normal

 Have you been wondering where your friendly everyday mom has been? I posted back before Christmas and then kind of disappeared. It wasn't intentional, believe me. 

The holiday hustle and bustle had me going like crazy those last two weeks before school go out. Then we we were enjoying having big brother home for almost a month, with lots of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Then before we knew it, or wanted, it was time to take the college kid back to Purdue and for Max to begin his 3rd quarter of first grade. 

What some of you might not know is I am a substitute kindergarten aide at our school too. I began last year in Max's class, and now this year I have continued in the same class. I can't express how much I love being in the school, surrounded by my friends, our church/school family and the kids. Plus, I get to see Max throughout the day too! He loves the days when he "gets to take mommy to school." 

Plus, I am also the vice president of our PTL (think PTA) as well. So I spend many of my days at school in the classroom or working on projects. But I would not have it any other way. God certainly knew exactly what I would need when my first baby spread his college wings. 

The only downside to all of this, and it is a very small one, is that my time in the kitchen cooking and testing recipes isn't as abundant as it used to be. No fear though! I am finding balance with our new normal, and this weekend I told myself I was making something new to share, no matter what! 

With the frigid, arctic temps we've been having, I figured a new, tasty soup would be much appreciated. Add in the fact it cooks in about 20 minutes, but still has rich flavor, and will thaw you out in no time! 

Quick Cooking Wonton Soup tastes like you called in an order to your favorite Chinese restaurant, but can be on the table in less time than it takes to find the takeout menu in the junk drawer! Frozen wontons are the secret, and I bet your favorite grocery store has them, even if you don't realize it.

Please don't think your everyday food blogger has abandoned you. I am still here, and will continue to cook up yummy things you have to try!

What kind of wontons do I use?

I used pork and vegetable mini wontons. The same brand came in chicken and veggie too. I liked the fact they were mini size to fit on the spoon too! 

Where can I find frozen wontons?

Look for the wontons in the freezer section next to the egg rolls, pot stickers, etc. 

Why so many carrots?

You might see the amount of carrots in your bowl and wonder why. Easy. Any time I can slip extra veggies into a dish, I will. They don't affect the color, taste or texture, so why not?

Do I have to use sesame oil?

Nobody will know if you don't, but it truly finishes off the flavor to closely match a restaurant soup. You can find it next to the soy sauce, and since it is a finishing oil, a bottle will last a long time.

What is chili crisp?

I served this on the side for my husband who loves all things spicy. Chili Crisp is a spicy, crunchy Asian condiment. Chilies, garlic, scallions and other ingredients are fried and then added to oil. You can find it on the Asian foods aisle or any Asian market.  

Quick Wonton Soup-Everyday Mom's Meals

Best Tips:

The wontons will soak up the broth very quickly. Serve immediately. If you have leftovers, you will want to add extra for reheating. 

When stirring the soup, be very gentle. And be sure to simmer, not boil the entire time. Both of these will cause the dumplings to fall apart. 

You could use vegetable broth instead. I would not recommend beef.  

Regular size wontons will be great, you might have to cut them for little ones. 

Serve the chili crisp on the side for anyone who likes it spicy, but use sparingly! 

Chow Mein noodles would make a great topping too!

Quick Wonton Soup

2 (32 oz.) boxes chicken broth

1 (10 oz.) bag matchstick carrots

5 green onions, chopped, extra for garnish

2 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 tsp. ground ginger

1 1/2 TBS soy sauce

1/2 tsp. sesame oil

1 (24 oz.) bag frozen pork and vegetable min wontons

In a Dutch oven, combine chicken broth, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. Stir well. Bring to a boil over medium high heat. Add carrots, green onions and wontons. Bring back to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to simmer. Cook 8-10 minutes until wontons are cooked. Add sesame oil and stir well. Serve with green onions, oyster crackers and spicy chili crisp on the side. 

Quick Wonton Soup-Everyday Mom's Meals

Inspired By Let's Dish

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Holiday Help

 This time of year your friendly food bloggers are filling your feeds with beautiful holiday desserts, festive cookies and candies, and delicious ideas to make your Christmas dinner the best one yet. Thank goodness for them! But since they have all of us covered on that front, I tend to take another approach. 

I don't have a new cookie technique to share or a secret to making that glazed ham even tastier on Christmas day but what I have to share might just take some stress out of the season. 

I always try to give you a recipe that can be used a couple different ways. Maybe you need a quick weeknight supper before you rush off to the next school holiday concert. Or perhaps you are planning on a houseful of guests this Christmas and you need inspiration on how to keep them fed beyond the main holiday meal. 

This year I have a super easy pasta bake that is a great hack when you are craving lasagna but not all the work that comes with it! Lasagna casserole hits all the same flavor notes, but can be on the table in less than an hour. 

I know how hectic and stressful the holiday season can be. Please remember it doesn't have to be! This time of year is supposed to be filled with joy, love, peace and those people who mean the most in the world to you. 

If you start to feel like you might pull your hair out, take a breath and take solace in the true reason for the season. The promise of a baby who came into this world to save us all. A king who was born in a stable. Love came down at Christmas and may it fill our hearts this year now more than ever. 


Lasagna Casserole

What kind of egg noodles should I use?

I like the wide ones for this casserole since they are boiled and then baked too. Anything smaller sometimes turns to mush in the oven. 

Can I make lasagna casserole ahead? 

While I haven't tried it, I think you could! Prepare recipe as stated and then chill in fridge, covered overnight. When ready to bake, remove from fridge and let come to room temp for about 20 minutes. Bake at 350 but for about 10-15 extra minutes. 

Can I use another meat? 

Sure! Italian sausage, mild or hot, and ground turkey or chicken would all work.

What if I don't like cottage cheese? 

The cottage cheese makes this extra creamy. If you don't want to use it, I would add another cup of ricotta or 1 cup of sour cream. 

Can I freeze lasagna casserole?

I never recommend freezing pasta bakes due to the noodles, but if it is something you do, then go for it!

 Best Tips:

If the chunks in the cottage cheese bother your family, mash it up with a fork or potato masher first.

I prefer whole milk ricotta over skim for a richer, creamier texture. 

An Italian blend shredded cheese would be a great swap for mozzarella. 

Sprinkle Parmesan on each layer for even more cheese. 

If using an Italian sausage, be sure to drain the grease very well. 

Do not over cook the noodles so they don't get mushy. 

Lasagna Casserole


Lasagna Casserole

8 oz. wide egg noodles

1 lb. ground beef

2 cups marinara sauce

1 tsp. Italian seasoning

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1/2 tsp. onion powder

1 cup whole milk ricotta

1 cup small curd cottage cheese

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

1 TBS fresh parsley, chopped, divided use

Salt and Pepper

Preheat oven to 350. Cook noodles until al dente. Drain well. In a large skillet brown beef. Drain if necessary. Add sauce and seasonings. In a large bowl combine cooked noodles, ricotta and cottage cheese. Mix well. Grease 9x13 baking dish. Add half noodle mixture. Top with half sauce. Sprinkle with half shredded cheese. Repeat layers. Top with rest of shredded cheese. Bake for 20-30 minutes until heated through and browned. Sprinkle with parsley and serve. 

Lasagna Casserole

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Thanksgiving Wishes

 With only TEN days until Thanksgiving, I hope your menus are starting to come together. Mine is planned, the turkey has been purchased and is waiting in the freezer, as are the fresh cranberries. Next Sunday the bird will make its way into the fridge to begin thawing, and before you know it, the parade will be on and Santa will be making his way down 34th Street! 

Twelve years ago the EMM Thanksgiving recipe was for Pumpkin Dump Cake, and when I was trying to decide what this year's would be, I decided it was time for an update, beginning with the name. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not hating on anyone's "dump cake" game. The entire concept is you can dump all the ingredients together and bake. Super easy and the name completely makes sense. I just have this aversion to the word dump. It's one of those that makes me cringe every time I hear it. We all have those words, right? We will get to the new name in a bit.

The next step in this recipe upgrade was decided when I was wandering the baking aisle looking for the yellow cake mix that was on sale that week. That is when I found a spice cake mix and it was like the angels were singing right there in Walmart. 

Pumpkin and spice are a match made in heaven, after all they are the stars of an entire flavor craze every fall. So why not add another layer of flavor to this dessert, knowing it would be perfect for Thanksgiving dessert. 

Now, for the name. I still hadn't decided what I was going to name this 2023 version, until I took it out of the oven. The little guy was walking past and said "Mommy, your cobbler smells so good!" Ta-da! Sure, it's not a traditional cobber, but if it looks close enough for a 7 year old, that's good enough for this food blogger. 

If you have never made this style of "dump" (ugh!) dessert before, the most important things to remember are to use the cake mix dry, you will not need the oil and water on the back of the box, and yes, you truly do need both sticks of butter. This isn't the time to start counting calories! 

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with bountiful blessings, people you love and memories to last a life time. And if you still need one more dessert, this Pumpkin Cobbler would be a tasty choice. 

Pumpkin Cobbler

What kind of pumpkin do I use?

For this recipe you want a can of pure pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix. 

What kind of cake mix can I use instead of spice?

You could also use yellow cake mix or even white. I would love to try a gingerbread cake mix too.  

Do I have to use pecans?

You could swap them for chopped walnuts, or omit them completely.

What is Ceylon cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon has a lighter, brighter and spicier flavor than the cassia variety, which is what most of us use. I like using Ceylon when baking, but traditional ground cinnamon would work too.

Does this have to be refrigerated? 

Yes! Keep any leftovers in the fridge, covered for 2-3 days. I actually really like how this tastes chilled


Best Tips 

Make sure your 9x13 baking dish is deep enough to prevent spilling over.

The mixture is very wet. Don't be alarmed when it looks like soup before baking.

Be sure to pour the melted butter evenly over the top. This is how the cake mix turns into a crispy topping.

 If you use ground cinnamon instead of Ceylon, you might only want 1 teaspoon.

Ground nutmeg can be swapped for allspice.

Pumpkin Cobbler

1 (15 oz.) can pure pumpkin

1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk

3 eggs

2 tsp. Ceylon cinnamon

1/2 tsp. allspice

1/2 tsp. salt

1 (13.25 oz.) spice cake mix

2 sticks butter, melted

1/3 cup chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350. Grease 9x13 baking dish. In a large bowl combine pumpkin, milk, eggs, cinnamon and salt. Stir well. Transfer to baking dish. Sprinkle with DRY cake mix. Sprinkle with pecans. Pour butter over top. Do NOT mix. Bake for 50-60 minutes until browned and a toothpick inserted into middle comes out mostly clean. If it is still loose in the middle, don't worry. It will continue to set as it cools down. Serve with whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon. 

Pumpkin Cobbler

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