Everyday Mom's Meals: Tis' The Season {12 Days of Christmas Giveaway}

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis' The Season {12 Days of Christmas Giveaway}

I am SO excited to finally announcing this giveaway! And what better day, than today BLACK Friday--the official gateway to the holiday shopping season!! I have been working on this giveaway since July! A huge thank you to my mom who helped me find all the prizes and put this all together! I love Christmas. Actually, love doesn't even describe it. The minute the holiday season begins, I become like a kid again. Maybe it's b/c I now get to see it through Alex's eyes, which only adds to the joy and wonder. This is truly my favorite time of the year, and especially this year b/c I get to share my love of not only the holiday, but gift giving w/ all of you--My fans who have made this blog such a success and such a fantastic part of my life. This is my way of saying thank you! I am kind of known for finding that one gift for each person in my life that is "just right", special, unexpected and perfect. I would love to give each one of you one of these gifts, but since the one thing I didn't do in 2011 was win the lottery, how about a prize package instead??!! This giveaway is going to be a little different, staying w/ the 12 Days of Christmas theme. I wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas (and for those who do not celebrate, Happy Holidays!) filled w/ the wonderment of a child, the joy of the Spirit, and the gift of love promised by a baby in a manger so long ago.


This contest open to US Residents ONLY (I wish I could afford shipping around the world, but alas I'm not Santa)

Each day, for the next 12 days,  a different prize will be featured on the blog. 

You MUST leave an email address on at least one entry. I want to be able to find you easily!

All comments will be collected in order of posting and entered.

A winner will be chosen by Random.org

Contest Ends: Thursday December 8, 2011 12am EST

To Enter: (Read Carefully)

 1. Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment here telling me what you love most about Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year) NO extra entries will count w/o this comment. 

2. Extra Entries: Each day, when a prize is featured, leave a comment on that post as well. That is up to 12 entries per person! NO extra entries will be valid w/o commenting on ORIGINAL post. If you come into the contest in the middle--it's OKAY. Just backtrack and be sure to comment on the original. You DO NOT need to comment on each prize to win, but the more you comment, the better odds you have.

The Prizes: 
The Prizes--All FOOD related :)

1. A Snowman Tin
2. Set of 6 Cookie Cutters
3. Cupcake Ornament
4. Poinsettia Coasters
5. Christmas Recipe Cards
6. Homemade Poinsettia Hot Pad
7. Set of Cupcake Papers/Picks
8. 5 Recipe Cards w/ Some of My Favorite Holiday Recipes
9. Kitchen Towel
10. Gingerbread Spatula
11. Christmas Cookie Cookbook
12. Magnetic Shopping List


*This contest is sponsored by nobody but myself. This is my Christmas gift to one lucky fan of EMM*

Come back tomorrow for the 1st Day of Christmas!!


Colleen said...

Adorable prize package!!!

I love Christmas because the world seems a little bit more magical than it does the rest of the year. Somehow it seems that almost anything is possible at this time of year!

Jessica Martinez said...

I love Christmas because it's a great time of year to give presents to everybody I know =)


Steph Johnson said...

You are so kind!!!
I am really loving christmas with my daughter. She is 3 this year and a whole new world of magic & wonder was opened up today when we started playing the christmas tunes & decorating. The world is amazing & beautiful through the eyes of a child & I am so digging getting to be 3 again :)

Faith Nettles said...

Very awesome of you!

I love Christmas because of my kids. Before them, I never had any use or interest in it (my immediate family wasn't too big on it.) But seeing how my two boys react, it makes it all worth it. Each year we try to do a little more than the year before, whatever they want goes (within reason of course.) It went from being just another day to me to being something I can't wait for each year!
~ faithnettles@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas and being able to share in the excitement with my two grandsons who are ages 3 and 5. It is a time for giving. Thank you for taking the time to make this giveaway possible!
Debbie Broussard

Lisa S. said...
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Lisa S. said...

I love Christmas because Of the joy of the season. The lights, decorations and music make it more magical. Oh! And the goodies that we get only at this time of year!

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas time for lots of various reasons. I Always remember though it is not about receiving and giving! Love the excitement in the children's eyes! Such joy!
c. gentry

Lisa S. said...

I forgot to leave my email address


Leesa said...

When I lost my mother, Christmas lost the magic for me.....it just wasnt the same. Then, God sent me my two granddaughters, ages 4 and 6 to raise. Im adopting them in the new year, so needless to say, the magic of Christmas is back for me! My mother lives on through them! Blessings to you for a fantastic giveaway! Merry Christmas! leesasilvers@gmail.com

Arnettes said...

What I love most about Christmas is the time I take to reflect on those who have made their transition, and those who have come into the world recently. I pause to give thanks and then try to be the best conduit of Christ's goodness and mercy that I can be. Remembering the past, making the present relevant and looking forward to the future I try to make each Christmas a real birthday present for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

We are celebrating this year! My children and myself have lived in an abusesive home thier whole life.this will be our first christmas that we can decorate bake goodies and enjoy the season! My children are adopting a hero we will make homemade goodies and send them to a service member over seas! We are also going to visit a childrens hospital and my children are gona pick one present they recieve and give it to a child who cant be home for the holiday..


Jac said...

Christmas... It used to be hard for me to celebrate because it was my Momma's favorite holiday and she passed away 14+ yrs ago. But now I've learned to see the joy in it again with the help of our children! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

AngieSC said...

The best part of Christmas is sharing all the family recipes with the younger generation. My daughter (teen)is really wanting to know how to bake all our "traditional" foods, and it's fun having her take over with her lil brother helping.

Cheri said...

I love Christmas because of quality time spent with family and friends. My kids make it extra special. Time spent together picking out our Christmas tree is priceless!


Laurieann said...

I love the sights and smells and sounds of Christmas. It is a time of reflection, a time of love. I will have a batch of cookies in the oven and Christmas music playing in the background and turn off all the lights except the Christmas tree, then just sit back and look at the lights and think back to all the happy memories that I have been blessed with and think about the future and what I can do to make it better for my kids and grandkids. Christmas = Magic

Anonymous said...

What I love most about Christmas is the feeling in the air. The Christmas music, snow on the ground, yummy food, beautiful christmas trees and presents under the tree. All through December there is a magic in the air, I wish we could bottle it for the rest of the year.

Aunt Carla said...

I love Christmas music and the way family and friends think about one another in special ways during the holiday. My favorite part of Christmas day is opening our stockings (yes...as adults we still do stockings)...it is the little things that are often the most fun!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! This is part of why I love Christmas...the spirit! It's a magical time, and one that brings out the good in people (except when you're looking for a parking place at the mall!)
I also love that it is family time. Nothing is better than having all of my kids home together for Christmas! May it be a blessed season for all of us! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it all!!! THE SIGHTS as in the beautiful lights, the beautiful trees, the beautiful decorations, the lights in my children's eyes, and the smiles on their faces. THE SOUNDS as the beautiful Christmas music. I would listen to it all year if I could. THE SMELLS as in evergreens and Christmas goodies baking. THE FEELINGS of love, hope, peace.....also the feeling that there is hope for the world in the giving that I witness this time of year. jlaufman@santel.net

Anonymous said...

Christmas is my favorite season! It doesn't matter where you are, who you're with, or how much money you did or didn't spend. It's what's in your heart that counts!


Kady said...

I love love love christmas because I get to see my loved ones faces when they open my gift! It is the greatest feeling to give to those u love. Kathrynncastaneda@gmail.com

apple blossom said...

love getting together with family and friends

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I celebrate Christmas with my family of 5. We have a few little traditions. One is 5 days before Christmas we put a stocking stuffer in the stocking and get it in the morning. Thanks for the chance to enter

Andrea D.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is a time for remembering family and friends and sharing in the joy of the season! A time to celebrate the birth of Jesus! Everyone seems abit friendlier, the lights on everyones houses make the winter night seem less cold. And let's not forget all those Christmas cookies!!

Candi said...

My favorite thing about Christmas is putting up our stockings. My Nana made them for me a long time ago. We moved a couple of years ago and now have a mantle for the first time to hang them from. I just love the crackling fire of pinon wood with our beautiful handmade stockings hanging above!

thedevilishdish at gmail dot com

Carolyn said...

I love the Christmas season since it's the one time of year all 12 of us siblings, spouses and 24 grandchildren make certain that we come from across the country to be together. Mother loves having us fill the pews at Mass for Christmas services. The big meal comes the following day when each of us has come up with a tasty dish to share with the family. oldnovy3@yahoo.com

M.j. said...

What I love most about Christmas is getting together with my four other sisters and their families.We don't get to see each other often enough.So we cherish our Christmas Eve spent together laughing,playing games, opening presents and eating a ton of food that we all cooked and brought to the party...I love my family so much...ciao4now64@yahoo.com

Debra R. said...

Wow I love Christmas!! Two reasons why I love Christmas, One is for Christ, for without him, we all would not be here, second, because I get to teach my children the true meaning of Christmas, I did not have that growing up, and I want my kids to know it so they may pass it on.

Unknown said...

I love Christmas! I love celebrating it with my husband and my 17 month old son. I can't wait to see how my son will react when he opens his presents because last year he was a bit too little.

Thank you,
Gina Taylor

jahree said...

I LOVE the Memories of Christmas past. My mother did so much to make every one a special one for my sisters and me. I tried to carry that tradition on with my own kids. I hope they can say the same someday for their children.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to making family recipes with my brother @ Christmas- fruitcake (that actually is yummy!), peanut brittle, and others. Christmas music in the background, nice smells coming out of the kitchen, snd spending time laughing with my brother make priceless memories!

Brooke said...

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year! It's the only time of the year when my entire family can be together. We always go to church together on Christmas morning and take communion, just to remember why we celebrate this time of year. Then, we all go to my grandmother's house and eat tons of food, open presents, and just spend time together!

Crystal Green said...

Christmas makes me too turn back into a child. Taking the kids to see Christmas lights, sing Christmas music, cuddle on the couch together and enjoy a nice Christma movie with popcorn and hot cocoa. AHH I want to do it now. :) But most of all, my favorite time of the season, is putting up the tree. No tv, just music, dancing, laughing, and enjoying each other.


Anonymous said...

I love the feeling of family at Christmas. We listen to music and stay at home. I bake cookies for my family. I feel that even though we don't live near each other at Christmas we are together in our hearts.

Suzie Perplies

Patti Keil said...

I love trying to find a new idea every year to keep the Christmas magic alive for our daughters (who are all young adults now!). We still have "Santa" presents for them, wrapped in special paper. I also love all the sights, sounds and smells that are so special to this time of year!


JulieF1962 said...

What a wonderful Christmas present to your readers! :)

I love Christmas because it reminds me that God loves us. Also, the beautiful strings of lights help to brighten an otherwise dark season.


lori h said...

I love Christmas too! thanks for making it fun. stephenandlorih@hotmail.com

~The Ortiz Family said...

I love how everyone seems to get in the holiday spirit of cheer and giving. I know there are some Scrooges out there, but overall everyone is in great moods!

Cheryl Ortiz

Pam H. said...

I love spending Christmas with all my grandchildren and seeing the holidays through their eyes...magical!


Sable said...

I just love Christmas. The finding of the perfect gift for everyone as well as finding the best deals is a favorite part of Christmas. Another part that I absolutely love is picking the "ornaments" off of the Christmas tree at our local grocery for kids who are less fortunate then us. It's something that I grew up with. No matter how poor we were there was always a little money to buy at least one gift.


Unknown said...

Love the idea, great giveaway! Christmas is a time for family and giving, and of course food. I love the time baking with all my kids and their friends, we do it every year!

lori h said...

I love Christmas because we celebrate Jesus birth! stephenandlorih@hotmail.com

Jennifer said...

What a cute idea going with the days of Christmas! The prize package looks so cute! Thanks so much for putting it together & giving us a chance to win. I lost my dad over 22 yrs ago when I 16. He LOVED Christmas & acted like a kid every year. lol My memories of him at Christmas makes me miss him a little less. Hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!

Ashley said...

I love getting to see my family at Christmas time.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

BekkiBoo aka tubelessstl said...

Being able to decorate with our four year old this year is one of the best memories. I know Christmas day will be so special this year. I can't wait. I love my family and the three of us really get into the meaning and celebration of it all.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to celebrate this year and see the look on my daughters face as she opens her gifts! What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of jesus! Christa.lee@insightbb.com

Sherri said...

I love everything about Christmas! The decorating all the lights and watching my kids open thier gifts on Christmas morning!

Kathy said...

I love Christmas morning starting with the smell of the special Christmas breakfast, followed by the rustling of the paper and giggles of the kids while opening their presents, and the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Cyndi said...

Never at anytime throughout the year is the power of Love more evident in our lives...That is my favorite part of Christmas.

Thanks for all you do!




Anonymous said...

No matter hiw many trees I put up & decorate, they all have white lights. In fact, my 2 grapevine trees stay up year round & I decorate for each holiday/season!

Anonymous said...

No mattter how many trees I put up, they all have white lights. In fact, my 2 grapevine trees stay up year round & I change the decirations with the holiday/season!

Aimee said...

I love Christmas because my mother is still on this earth to celebrate with us

Anonymous said...

I love baking and cooking during the holidays.

So glad I found your page!


shelimarie said...

What I love about Christmas is gathering with all my family and friends to celebrate christmas by eating all the yummy baked foods and scrumptous Turkey and Ham. The wonderful smell of the christmas tree along with the holiday candles. Lots of memories to carry with us.

Dianne said...

I love Christmas because of the smells of baking and all the decorations and I really think that people are nicer this time of year most of the time anyways. It brings back child hood memory's of all the family who is not with us anymore also. And of course that the little baby Jesus came and made a very big impact on this world. Merry Christmas everyone.

Mrs. Berg said...

I absolutely love Christmastime too! Now, being able to celebrate it with my 3 year old daughter, makes it just as fun as when I was a kid. I get to make crafts, sing Christmas carols (sp?), decorate the house for the holiday, and believe in Santa all over again (even if it comes out of my bank account! haha). And of course getting to teach her the true reason for the season. :) I love your blog and all your wonderful recipes and contests! Merry Christmas EMM!

DEE said...

I love christmas , the lights , snow on the ground ,and the smell of a fresh cut tree .I also love baking cookies and the house smells wonderful !!! I enjoy being with my family and sharing a meal of everyones favorite dishes . Dee

Dee honeysupersport@yahoo.com

Re said...

I love the holidays because family from all around come to my moms house for pop in visits. It's great! many of them we only get to see once a year so its fun when everyone stops by to catch up WHILE eating delicious foods! :)

xoeskie1 (at) gmail (dot) com

sydsmama said...

I love Christmas for the decorations and lights, the great food, and bringing families together!


Anonymous said...

I have always loved this time of the year. From Holloween thru New Years. Growing up we would go in the woods and find a tree together on a Sunday morning before Christmas. In the afternoon my mother would cook and we would have a decorating party. Friends and relatives would come over and we would do the tree, the house and the yard. My father passed 19 yrs ago and my mother 9 yrs ago and things have been different. This year will be the first time I have really celebrated in the last 9 years. I have 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grand child so I want them to remember the holidays like I do and make them special.


Gaile Gray said...

I love time with family, the tree, lights, and decorations, but I think what I love most is the music. Give me Christmas Carols 365 days a year and I'd be happy. :)


Anonymous said...

This year I have been blessed with so much. A new house, new restaurant and my twin grand babies first Christmas. Last year a week before Christmas we had a tragic loss in my family. My 4 month old niece Lennon. SIDS. So this year my sister and I have pick to kids in her honor to give gifts off the angel tree. Although we miss lennon so dearly the world is a better place because of her she was also an organ heart donor. My little hero is what Christmas is all about this year. Life is precious so live your family and friends and do something nice for a stranger even if it's just a smile! Merry Christmas and Happy Hoilidays!

StillyBee said...

My favorite part of Christmas is the music..it feeds my soul. The cookies..it feeds my body and the stories of the Bible & family traditions.. it feeds my mind. But most of all the best part of Christmas is Jesus...the same Jesus at Easter & the same one who walks with me thru everything.

PrincessMari said...

I love Christmas!! I just love the excitement in the air. I love seeing my kids reactions to gifts....the family being together. Just love it all!

Kimber_froggy said...

I love the feeling you get this time of year, and the excitement.I love baking and Christmas lights. Kimber_froggy@yahoo.co.uk

Stephanie Grant said...

Love this prize pack! What I love most about Christmas is spending time with my family and friends I only see once a year!

Anonymous said...

I love the cheerfullness of the Christmas season!


Christy of The Travel Bags said...

I love celebrating my Savior's birth and sharing that with my children. I also love the excitement in their eyes, and the newness of it for the youngest of the children. (With seven, there is always newness for one of them!) Finally, I love the nostalgia, as I recall the Christmases of my youth back on the farm.

Mippy said...

Hi Krista!
I love giving gifts! That is probly my most favorite part is finding something special for each person and sharing a part of my self with them. :)
Thank you for the chance at a super fun Prize package! I love the way you are doing it! :D
~Mippy :)
bunnysmip (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Anonymous said...

Morning, Krista!
We've been plenty busy around here with the holidays approaching! My favorite part of the holidays is seeing my two boys (3 and almost 6) get so excited about all of the decorations. Most of our holiday decor is able to be played with and moved around. The boys LOVE it!
~Andrea a19tailor@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

We love chistmas because it is a time that brings us together i usally make handmade presents for the kids classes and for family and friends. It isnt about the stuff you buy it is about the priceless look on there face when they open it.. all about giving n not reciving.
My email address is momma2angels80@gmail.com thanks nicole

Amanda said...

i Love Christmas, times with family, most of all cooking and decorating for Christmas, love the colors and holiday Joy!

Angela Alpaugh said...

I love the excitement that fills the air!


PinayinTexas said...

I love Christmas because it's my birthday! It feels wonderful to have the same birthday as Jesus! :)


Kimberly WOod said...

What I love most about the holiday season is decorating and playing Santa although my kids are older teens and know I am Santa but I still like getting them things and having them get all surprised. My son has autism so he will probably be with me many Christmases fr me to play this part and that sure beats being alone.
I follow you on facebook.

Moore or Less Cooking said...

I love that I will be with my 5 kids and 5 grandkids, they are flying us down as a Christmas gift to be together!

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I love your giveaway, awesome Christmas treasures! I love Christmas because our family spends extra time together, we play games, eat together, laugh and enjoy quality time, and the most exciting part is my brother joins us via Skype all the way from South America and he has a place at the table, too. It's always great spending time with my family!