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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shop LA From Home {Review of TheLaShop.com}

It seems with each passing year, I'm doing more and more shopping online, and not just at holiday time. Each time there is a special occasion I need that perfect gift for, I find myself logging on, before I even attempt to find it in a store. It's convenient, fast, easy and quite frankly, I have more options. If that something perfect isn't within driving distance, it doesn't matter. I can shop all over the world from the comfort of my living room. And that idea is exactly what you get from TheLaShop.com.

Yescom USA, Inc. launched an e-Commerce business in February 2002.In the beginning, Yescom USA, Inc. began its journey as an e-retailer of cell phone accessories. As their business continued to expand, they created a one-stop shop online store. TheLAshop.com is an online shopping websites located in sunny Southern California. They provide products for commercial, home and business for retail and wholesale customers.

Their site is filled with great, fun, and useful items for your home, garden, kitchen, and even your car! There are just too many categories to even list. But when I was given the opportunity to review the site, and choose a product for my home, I of course went straight to the kitchen section where I found this adorable Mini Kettle Popcorn Maker Kids Cart.  I knew Alex would flip for this, and we could really enjoy it as a family!

It looks super cute sitting in my kitchen, and is really a conversation piece as much as a functional. Not to mention, it makes some might tasty popcorn!

So, if you are looking for an unique gift, maybe for a wedding gift, or a college student headed to campus for the first time, be sure to check out the huge selection at TheLaShop.com. There is no doubt they have a little something for everyone, and might have that perfect gift you're looking for, and you won't even have to leave home!

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