Everyday Mom's Meals: Keep 'Em Sharp { A Review of AnySharp Plus Knife Sharpener }

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keep 'Em Sharp { A Review of AnySharp Plus Knife Sharpener }

For those of us who are always in the kitchen, we know the value of a good, sharp knife. I remember the days before I could afford nice knives and how much harder it was to do simple tasks. There is no doubt once you have a good quality, sharp knife, you can't remember how you functioned without it. And today I'm sharing the best tool to help you keep all your favorite knives, and more, perfectly sharpened for every single use...The AnySharp Plus Sharpener.

Perfect for any application from kitchen knives, to pocket knives to even gardening tools and scissors, the AnySharp is a super useful device that can also save you money by making old, blunt knives and scissors perfectly usable again and extends their life.

The AnySharp Plus knife sharpener will sharpen virtually any knife, whether it has a hard anodized or serrated blade. A sharp knife not only makes slicing, dicing and chopping easier, but it is also safer as the knife is less likely to slip while using it. The AnySharp Pro uses tungsten carbide sharpening technology and is quick and easy to use. It is the world’s only knife sharpener with a patented PowerGrip suction cup which attaches securely to any smooth surface, eliminating slipping and jamming. (This is my favorite part! I am too accident prone not to have some safety in place helping me out!) Once attached, knives can be sharpened single handed, keeping both hands away from danger. 

The AnySharp’s top also has a useful scissor blade sharpener and has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal, and therefore won't damage the metal edge, making it safe for the knives too. What’s more, it’s small enough to store safely in a kitchen drawer. 

Boasting a 10 year guarantee, AnySharp Plus in an eco-friendly product available in grey or carbon fiber for purchase for just MSRP $28 direct from www.AnySharp.com. And for the month of August, they are offering 25% off with the CODE: AUG25

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