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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Company {Guest Blogger Bekki}

Welcome to the weekend! I hope you having some rest, relaxation and maybe even some autumn fun on tap for the next 2 days. It seems fall is going to be go by just as fast as summer did because the days are flying by! However you are spending your weekend, thanks so much for dropping by my kitchen to see who is cooking something yummy.

Today's guest is what I like to call an "EMM Super Fan". She is always interacting with me on Facebook, commenting on posts, pictures, sharing ideas and I love when she takes the time to snap a photo of a something she's made from the blog. She is just the sweetest, and I'm so happy to have her guest blogging once again.

Please welcome Bekki back to EMM~

***I want to dedicate this recipe to Alex, (Monkey) for his love of spicy Mexican food. Happy late birthday buddy this one’s for you!***

Thank you again to Mrs. Everyday, for inviting me back for a visit. Now that the days are cooling down, we are all looking for meals to warm us up. This recipe is super simple, and utilizes my favorite helper appliance in the kitchen, the slow cooker.

I am married to my wonderful husband Josh, have a beautiful 12 year old step daughter Amy and 2 furbaby sweethearts Minnie and Shadow. I am a self taught baker/cook. I taught Wilton cake decorating for a while, worked in a grocery store bakery and have even spent time baking wedding/birthday cakes as a hobby on the side. My love for cooking has been since childhood. Spending time with my mother, aunts, and grandmothers. Aiding in their recipes or just being there for the conversation. Its always been a source of calm, peace, and ultimate fulfillment. The idea that you add your love to each recipe and share it with the people you care about is such an amazing blessing to me in more ways then I can ever put on paper. I have decided writing a cookbook was something I could do to share my love of food with family, friends, and whomever else comes my way. I hope your day is blessed with all your favorite things.

 This recipe was given life from an idea a friend shared with me years ago. She told me that her father made his menudo in a slow cooker Saturday night before bed, so that it would be ready for everyone after early morning church service. I held on to this info for a long time before taking the plunge and trying it out. I grew up having menudo fairly often throughout my life. After asking dozens of times for someone to share a recipe, I turned to a cookbook. After a few attempts, I got the seasoning to my liking but it always took too long to cook, for me to make it often. After being thoroughly blessed with a new husband who loves spicy food, I took that as a sign. I was off to share my heritage and spicy food recipes. I was reunited with this friend after years of living miles apart, and was reminded of her father’s menudo. I had to try it for myself. So I took my recipe to the slow cooker. This version doesn’t use chilies for color, only seasoning, so it will be more broth colored. I hope it warms you body and spirit. Happy Autumn to you all!

Crock Pot Menudo Blanco
8 c. tripe
1tb. Salt
1tb. Granulated garlic
1tb. Menudo seasoning (oregano, red pepper flakes, dried onion)
1/2tb. California chili powder **reducing this amount will lessen heat**
Water to cover approx. 10-12c. depending on your slow cooker capacity
6c. hominy
Chop tripe. Add tripe and seasoning to slow cooker. Add water to cover. Cook on high 8 hours. 10 minutes before serving add hominy and mix. Allow to warm through and soften.

Serve with your favorite toppings, chopped onion, cilantro, lemon wedges, extra oregano, and don’t forget the warm tortillas.

**Note the amount of chili powder used in this recipe is for hot heat level. If you’d like more heat by all means add more. For less heat you can cut down the amount used. You can also add half during cooking and adjust before serving.

During all this warming up, my photo of the finished dish has alluded me. In search for the photo I found my dish's twin online posted by another foodie. Borderlinespicy.wordpress.com

This is the above blog's version.

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