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Friday, January 27, 2012

Peace of Mind

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As a woman who is many times "out and about" on my own, or w/ my child, having the peace of mind of knowing I could have help in the palm of my hand, if needed, is priceless. And unfortunately in today's world, being inside your own home isn't as safe as you would think. Two weeks ago, around midnight, we had an intoxicated man show up on our front door demanding to be let in. Thank God my husband was home b/c he was able to handle the situation as it escalated into something very scary. The man continued to pound on the door, while bleeding, yelling to be let in. He then walked to the back of the house and tried to come in the back door also. After the officers arrives, we were informed this man was a friend of our neighbors and didn't realize he was at the wrong house. What ended up being a "misunderstanding" was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced. Since then, along w/ not being able to sleep through the night, I have also thought to myself, "what if I had been home alone, or here w/ my son". Terrifying, right? Yeah, I think so too. So when I had the chance to bring this product to EMM to share, I jumped at the chance. Rather it be for the "on the go' or at home, the thing that can be a life saver, is the 5Star Urgent Responder
The compact, discrete and GPS enabled 5Star Responder can prepare you for any unsafe or uncertain situation. Simply press the button anytime you need help and you're connected to 5Star or press and hold to be directly connected to 9-1-1. It conveniently attaches to your keychain, purse or backpack, etc.
So if you are looking for peach of mind for yourself, or maybe a child in college, or even an elderly parent who might live alone, the 5Star Urgent Responder could possibly be the thing that lets you rest easy knowing you have help in the palm of your hand.
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