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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A More Healthy You

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

While I am not a "resolution making" person, per say, I realize many of you out there are. So, being the good everyday mom I am, I thought this was something I needed to share w/ you. I think having a support system around you always makes trying something new, or taking on a difficult challenge easier; and that's what the folks at Cafe Well do. It's a social network offering corporate wellness programs that truly work! And right now they have something happening called Race to the Moon that is very exciting. What about a  corporate wellness program  that aims to get members more fit and active by walking or running. And how to they motivate people to do that? By offering free wireless pedometers which tracks their steps and rewards them for milestones and total steps!! After all, achieving goals is always a tad more fun w/ incentives!!
Many companies offer wellness programs; I know the company I used to work for did, but let's be realistic. How many of those really work? Race to the Moon does. In under a month, this program has participants who have walked over 50 million steps and average 2.5 million steps per day! (You can't argue w/ those numbers!) One participant says:
“This race has opened my eyes to my second chance. This is where we turn things around. This is where we get off the couch, go outside, and enjoy life. I always say we do puzzles and board games as a family because it's cheap, but taking a walk with my daughter is free. So, starting tomorrow we are going to take a walk after dinner. Then the next day, and the next day, and the next."
So why is Race to the Moon successful, where other programs have failed? Hosted by Cafe Well, and sponsored by HealthAmerica, this program offers a new kind of challenge that is more fun, more rewarding and more effective b/c it couples the power of social networking and it's support with fun and incentives.
Now I realize in my "workplace" it would be a little difficult to create a health challenge, b/c it's me and me alone. Lol But if I were one of the millions of people wanting to create a health challenge in 2012, I would more than likely develop it including family and friends. An entire army of us striving towards the same goals, working together, succeeding together, and even more importantly, facing challenges and obstacles together, helping each other through the rough spots. And I think Cafe Well and Race to the Moon gives that change to everyone. So, if you or your employer think a wellness and health challenge is just what you're looking for to make this year the one that brings a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle, then Cafe Well is the place to go!
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