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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Save The Seeds

Growing up, the jack o lantern duty always fell upon my dad and I . My mom will tell you, she isn't the most artistic person in the world; and that was okay b/c I always looked forward to it being a Daddy/Daughter activity each fall. Now I'm the mom, and guess what--I too have no artistic bone in my body. Lucky for Alex, Adam very much does. This year instead of throwing all the "guts" in the trash as soon as they were emptied out of poor Mr. Pumpkin, I told my boys to save them b/c I was going to try my hand at roasting the seeds for the first time. Oh how happy I am I did! They were super easy, really tasty and make the perfect autumn snack. They made a very cool jack o lantern, and Mommy's job was success too--something to eat when they were done, that disappeared in no time!!

Cleaning out the "guts"

Carving out windows

Haunted House w/ Bats....Spooky

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

1 1/2 c. raw pumpkin seeds, rinsed well and dried
4 tsp. vegetable oil
Kosher salt

 Preheat oven to 300. Put seeds in a colander and rinse very well w/ cold water, making sure all pulp is removed. (I know some people who leave some pulp on for the flavor, so feel free if you enjoy that). Lay on a kitchen towel and pat the excess water off. At this point, you can either leave on the counter for about 30 minutes to air dry, or use a hair dryer on low to increase the process. On a foil lined baking sheet, spread seeds out and drizzle w/ oil. Mix well w/ hands. Sprinkle liberally w/ salt. Bake for 45 minutes, stirring every 10, until browned. Season w/ extra salt if desired.

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Unknown said...

that's a beautiful jack-o-lantern! i can only manage cutting out some triangle eyes and a nose and a jagged mouth ;-)

Roasted pumpkin seeds are the best! So yummy, so good for you! if you have any left, check out the chocolate bark recipe on my blog for Halloween: chocolate mixed with chopped apricots and roasted pumpkin seeds!

CEK said...

He did a FANTASTIC job on that pumpkin! I too am a triangle nose and eyes person...not very artistic. The seeds look great and so easy to make. Great post Krista. :)

Krista said...

Thanks ladies. Yes, he was pretty proud of that pumpkin. Thank goodness he has a dad who is creative b/c I'm more of a triangle eyes girl too! Not to mention the fact I would rather draw on it w/ a Sharpie than carve it :)