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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coupon? Yes, Please

So, I'm sitting here trying to think of ways to relate this post to food, and this is all I can come up with, and yes, I know I'm stretching....

  1. It does have honey in it....that's food.
  2. If I'm sick and can't cook, my family suffers and you, my readers will not get new blog posts!
  3. More and more people are asking me for gluten free options. While I might not have a lot of recipes, this product IS gluten free. 

That's right, a remedy w/ all natural ingredients instead of artificial dyes and flavors. Sounds great, right? And our good friends at Vocalpoint are offering a $4 off coupon so you can try it yourself! I already reserved mine, and if you go to: 

You can reserve yours too!

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1 comment:

Desserts In My Kitchen said...

Wow, I sure could use this right now. I am feeling a bit under the weather :( Thanks for posting :)