Everyday Mom's Meals: Heat Up Your Winter with Texas Pete® {A Review}

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heat Up Your Winter with Texas Pete® {A Review}

Do you love a good hot sauce? Are you always on the look-out for a new one to try? Have you jumped on the sriracha bandwagon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are going to be so happy you logged on today!

It seems like sriracha is the new "it" thing in the foodie world. Now, I realize it's been around forever, and many have used it for as long as they can remember. But for whatever reason, I seem to be hearing more and more about it. All my favorite television cooks are working it into endless recipes and I see my friends using it in their home recipes too.

And now, there is a new sauce on the block!  TW Garner Food Company, the maker of Texas Pete®sauces and Green Mountain Gringo® salsas and tortilla strips has announced the launch of its newest addition, CHA! by Texas Pete® sriracha sauce.

The sauce, with a fiery blend of heat and sweet, was in development for more than a year! The flavor profile is the natural next step for the #3 brand of hot sauce in America.

“CHA! by Texas Pete®  was designed specifically for enthusiasts who are always chasing the next great taste,” says Steve DeCorte, general manager of sales at TW Garner Food Company. “The growth of sriracha sauce over the past few years has been fast-paced and we anticipate that CHA! by Texas Pete®will deliver the bold, balanced flavors we’re known for to a whole new audience.”
Named for a coastal city in Thailand, sriaracha's early appearance as an Asian sauce has evolved over time into a condiment that seems to be in almost every home's pantry and really adds unique flavor to all cuisines. 

I can tell you the hot sauce expert in this house (aka my husband) gave this one 2 thumbs up! He loved the flavor, the level of heat, and the way it enhanced the foods he tried it on, without covering up the flavor of the food itself.

If you too love all things hot, and are dying to get your hands on CHA! by Texas Pete, I've got great news for you! It will be sold at many of the national and regional stores that already carry the brand, now 85 years strong! Be sure to look for it on your grocery store shelf today!

Disclaimer: I received a free sample in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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