Everyday Mom's Meals: Put Away the Foil and Plastic Wrap {A Review of Plate Topper}

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Put Away the Foil and Plastic Wrap {A Review of Plate Topper}

Do you have a bunch of leftovers sitting in your fridge right now, covered in either foil, plastic wrap, or both? Do you get frustrated when they don't stay fresh the way you wish they would? Do you wish there was a more economical, not to mention, eco-friendly, way to store leftovers? Well, now there is thanks to PlateTopper!

The world's first airtight container that works with your plates at home, PlateTopper eliminates the need for a dirty dish and keeps food fresh with a genius silicone seal placed over the plate that is was served on. Instant food storage! Go right from the table to the fridge! Simply press PlateTopper over a plate, locking it in place, and your leftovers will stay fresh and yummy.

Plus, you can take leftovers covered with the PlateTopper straight from the fridge to the microwave for reheating! And with it's unique pull tab release, it's easy and quick to remove too. I love being able to cover something on a plate, know it's going to stay fresh in the fridge, and then be able to reheat them when I need to...all without putting the food on a different plane, unwrapping it, etc. It saves me time, and money...two things I'm always look for more of!

PlateTopper is available in a variety of colors and is a practical and affordable gift idea for anyone. (Remember the holidays are right around the corner!) The convenient 10 inch size fits any standard dinner plate, including plastic, glass and ceramic plates, and even fits large wood cutting boards. There is also a 7.5 inch PlateTopper Mini that fits salad and snack plates.

Forget the hassle of plastic food storage bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Get PlateTopper today and lock in freshness, and lock out bacteria for all of your food!

**From Oct. 21-24, You can purchase a PlateTopper Combo (one tall, one mini) for $11.99...down from $20. But how about a presale? You can actually get this fantastic deal, right now just by clicking here.**

Disclaimer: I was given free samples in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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