Everyday Mom's Meals: Get A Twist On Tradition {Review of Macy's Cheesesticks}

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Get A Twist On Tradition {Review of Macy's Cheesesticks}

Crunchy. Sweet. Savory. Three things our taste buds crave on a daily basis. And rather it's just for snacking in front of the tv, or finding things to offer party guests, these are characteristics we all look for in snacks or appetizers. So in that spirit, I'm going to introduce you to John Wm. Macy CheeseSticks.

For three decades, John Macy has been perfecting the art of the perfect crunch. From small beginnings in his NYC apartment, to a 50,000 square foot snack factory in New Jersey, John developed his now famous savory, twisted breadstick by combining multiple layers of of sharp cheddar cheese and fresh sourdough, hand-twisting strips of the layered dough and baking it twice for a satisfying crunch that is full of texture and flavor.

With layers of sourdough and aged cheeses, John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks offer a superior alternative to the traditional breadstick. While the Original Cheddar CheeseSticks, made with a blend of aged Asiago and sharp Cheddar cheeses, seasoned with cayenne butter, was John’s first product and remains the company’s bestseller, John Wm. Macy’s has expanded the gourmet product line to include four additional savory CheeseSticks varieties including Romano Garlic, Dijon Swiss, Cheddar & Scallion and Melting Parmesan.

Having mastered the craft of making cheesy snacks, John Wm. Macy's, welcomed his line of SweetSticks in 1995. These crunchy, twisted, twice-baked snack sticks come in three enticing flavors including Java Cinnamon, Bourbon Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. Made from thin layers of fresh sourdough and interwoven with the sweetness of chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, this trans fat–free twist makes for a perfect afternoon bite or a light dessert.

I'm here to tell you, each and every flavor I have tried was more tasty than the next. Rich cheese flavor, with amazing crunch, I loved the Dijon Swiss the most (from that savory line that is.) And for a quick sweet treat, the Java Cinnamon can't be beat! 

Always all-natural and hand-rolled, CheeseSticks and SweetSticks are available through the Company’s online store in 4oz. 3-pack ($10.99), 6-pack ($19.99) and 12-pack ($35.99) retail boxes, as well as specialty gift tins starting at $13.99.

So the next time you're looking for something crunchy, something savory, or something sweet, for a little nosh for yourself, your family, or even for your next party, remember the great, delicious snacks from John Wm. Macy!

*Disclaimer* I was provided with free product for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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