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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Day At The Fair {Indiana Family of Farmers}

With the start of the school year just around the corner, we still had one last "blow out" day that has become an annual tradition in our family What could it be?  The Indiana State Fair of course!

It is always the thing Alex looks forward to most after we get home from our beach vacation. A day with just the 3 of us enjoying the fair, the people, the food, and having fun every single minute we are there! This year, I was lucky enough to be provided with tickets to the fair by my good friends at Indiana Family of Farmers, plus some coupons for yummy treats at the Dairy Barn.What can I say? There are some pretty cool perks to this Food Blogging gig!

Plus, my contact at IFOF told me about a fun way to get free food at the fair this year, and you can too if you visit "BeanGoLand" like we did! BeanGoLand offers visitors a fun environment to learn more about soybeans, the way they are raised today and the farm families who grow them.
Ready to see BeanGoLand

The gamecard
 While at BeanGoLand, located between the Farm Bureau Building and the Mac Reynolds Barn, you will be able to play BeanGo – a fun and interactive game introduced at last year’s Indiana State Fair. By answering questions about soybeans – and farming in general – while exploring the new Soybean Statue Garden, visitors can win fun prizes, including Dairy Bar milkshake coupons (while supplies last) in honor of the Year of Dairy Cows.

We had so much fun finding the different answers to the questions on the game card, and Alex learned SO much too. That is one of the best things about the state fair, and exhibits like BeanGoLand~ you can enjoy fun filled activities while teaching your kids more about the food they eat every day, and just how much of it comes from our home state! Teach your kids how they foods they love get from farm to table, and introduce them to the people who work so hard to make it happen, and you create healthy eating habits for life!

Finding all the answers with the clues on each statue.

Alex with his prize for answering all the questions correctly.

And for the bonus question, he got a "safety" pizza cutter!
 And after our time at BeanGoLand, what could be better than a trip to the Dairy Barn for some lunch? Grilled cheese, milkshakes, ice cold milk to drink...they were all perfect and absolutely delicious! And Alex even got his very own kid's meal that included apple slices and yogurt!

Mmmmmmm Good!
How can you get in on the fun? Well, for starters, go load up the car. Then when you get to the fair, to play BeanGo, you can download the free BeanGo app to your smartphone before you arrive at the fairgrounds or pick up a BeanGo card at BeanGoLand during the fair. The Indiana State Fair has so much to offer, and you still have time to take part! The fair is open until August 19th and just waiting for you and your family!

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