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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Company {Guest Blogger Melissa}

Happy Easter weekend! I hope you had a great week and this weekend you are spending time w/ family and celebrating this holiday having fun, being blessed and eating some yummy food! Today my guest is Melissa from Served Up With Love. She has a yummy dessert to share w/ us, and if you are still looking for one more sweet treat for tomorrow, this would be perfect. Be sure to stop by her blog, and visit her on Facebook too! I wish each of you and your families a very joyous Easter. He has Risen! Hallelujah, He Lives!

Hi, my name is Melissa and I live in Northeast Virginia. Lived here my whole life and love it. I have always enjoyed cooking and creating. When I try a dish I rave about it to my friends and family and tell them I will get them the recipe. I then never get around to sharing that recipe. Starting my blog in March 2011, this gave me an opportunity to share my recipes not only with my family and friends but now the world. What could be better? One day I stumbled upon Southern Plate and I absolutely fell in love with it. The stories that Christy tells makes you feel as though you are right there with her as she is telling them. I loved how she shares a tidbit of her life with her recipes. When I was younger I had a dream to be a writer. I loved to write and one time I won a local essay contest, I was in elementary school. I don’t remember the dollar amount that I won, only the pride I felt. As I became a wife and mother I kind of put the dream of becoming a writer on the back burner, what most of us moms do. I began cooking and creating my own dishes and just fell in love with that as well. One day I realized that I could share my two loves and I set out on a quest to do just that. Without Christy Jordan I do not know if I would have realized that I could do this. That is how Served Up With Love was born. Everything I do is with love so the name was only fitting.. All my grandparents passed away when I was young so I don’t have those memories of all the yummy goodness they served up. I rely on the few things I remember and what my parents tell me. I try to recreate those recipes for them when I can and give them a little piece of their childhood as well. May not be the same but I sure do try. Life keeps me extremely busy between working full time, being a wife and a mother of two great kids. My son is 16 and my very active daughter is 5.

The recipe I chose to share with you today is what I call Berrylicious. This cake is easy and very versatile. I usually don't make this often as most of my family does not like cream cheese. I just don't understand that at all. They do not know what they are missing. Whenever I see a recipe and think it looks good, I know if cream cheese is involved my family will not eat it. This being my Mom, Sisters, and their families. My husband and kids have no problem. This can be solved though with substituting cool whip instead. This is made with pie filling. Since pie filling comes in so many different options, this cake is easily changeable: Blueberry, cherry, apple, lemon, and could even make this patriotic by mixing blueberry with strawberry or cherry. One on the inside and one on top. See what I mean about versatile. Endless possibilities here. I sure hope you get to try this cake, if you do I would love to hear how it goes.


1 box of yellow cake mix (ingredients called for on box)
1 can of strawberry pie filling
2 blocks of cream cheese, softened
1 stick of butter, softened
2 cups of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mix cake according to direction on box in two 8 or 9 inch pans. Allow to cool. Cream the cream cheese and butter together until mixed, add vanilla and powdered sugar gradually, mix until creamy. Place the bottom layer on a cake plate. Spread a little bit of cream cheese icing between the layers and add a little strawberry pie filling over that. Careful not to get to edge or this will mix in with you icing around the cake. Place the top layer on and spread on remainder of the icing. Add the remaining pie filling on top. Keep this in the fridge and enjoy. 


Thank you all for allowing me to join you today and I hope you stop by my little neck of the woods often, I sure do enjoy your visits. I will have the sweet tea ready for you. Happy Cooking.


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Back for Seconds said...

I LOVE all things cream cheese, and this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Served up with Love said...

Thanks Krista for allowing me to share my story and recipe with your readers. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!