Everyday Mom's Meals: Spring...Somedays

Sunday, March 14, 2021


 After some major snow in January and February, here in Indiana, we got a lovely taste of spring over the past few weeks. It was 50 degrees on February 27th, my birthday! That is unheard of! Then last week we had a few days in the 60's and one afternoon it even got up to 70! It was just what my mood needed. The dark, gray, cold, gloomy winter days tend to chip away at my soul. So, some warmth and sunshine really helped! 

But alas, it is March in the Midwest,  o as I type this I'm watching the weather on the news and hearing "chance of winter like weather on Monday." Of course there is! Just when we were getting use to the idea of spring! Then again, I hear Colorado and Wyoming are supposed to get snowfall totals measured in FEET this week, so I won't complain too much! 

Either way, spring is close enough to smell, and there will soon be more days that feel like than ones that don't, so our meals will start to reflect that more and more. However, soup is one thing that doesn't have to go away quite yet. Sure, fall and winter are when soup, chowder and stew season goes into full swing, but rainy and chilly spring days scream soup weather too! 

This is where today's recipe comes in. Creamy Taco Soup is the next rainy night supper you will crave! It comes together in almost no time, so it's perfect on those nights when you're in a rush to get out the door again, or just too tired to deal. What is it about being out in the elements (snow, wind, rain...doesn't matter) that is simply exhausting? 

This is not a spicy soup, but you could easily add some heat! Swap out half the diced tomatoes for some Rotel, or add a small can of green chilies. You could even saute a diced jalapeno to the onion pepper mix. I love when recipes are easily adaptable to all palates! 

This would be a great one to keep handy for Cinco de Mayo too! It's coming quicker than you think and while conditions are improving across the country (thanks be to God) big restaurant celebrations probably still aren't the best idea. So, a pot of this soup, an ooey gooey quesadilla and some chips and salsa, and you can have yourself a pretty stellar fiesta at home!

If we can just hold out a little longer, sunny warm days are ahead. I can't wait until we are sweating because of the heat, but I will take any kind of warm up I can get. And on those days when mother nature tricks us, a big bowl of delicious warm soup can turn a gloomy mood around!

 Creamy Taco Soup

2 lbs. ground beef

1 medium white onion, finely chopped

1 large red bell pepper, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

6 c. beef broth

1 1/2 c. heavy cream

2 c. shredded Mexican blend cheese

2 packets taco seasoning

1 (28 oz.) can diced tomatoes, with juice

Salt and Pepper 

Tri-colored tortilla strips

In a large stock pot over medium high heat, brown ground beef with onion, red pepper and garlic. Once cooked, drain if necessary. Add beef broth, scraping bottom of pan. Add tomatoes and taco seasoning. Stir well. Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add cream and shredded cheese, stirring constantly until cheese melts. Season with salt and pepper as needed. Serve with tortilla strips. 

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jen said...

This sounds great! The only change I would make is to use a can (or whatever the equivalent is) of coconut milk instead of the heavy cream, but only because I have to. Thank you.

Krista said...

I think that would work great!