Everyday Mom's Meals: Family Movie Night and Pop Secret #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Family Movie Night and Pop Secret #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn

Family movie night. It's a tradition in our house, and I know in so many of yours too! Staying in, gathering around the television and enjoying some entertainment in our own home, making memories. And of course, no family movie night is complete without popcorn! But how frustrating is it when every one's favorite movie time snack gets burned?? Well, now thanks to Pop Secret Popcorn, and their brand new Perfect Pop App, you don't have to worry anymore! 

We've all been there before. You put the popcorn on to cook, you think you've set the right time, and before you know it, it's burned and that oh so noticeable smell has overtaken your house. So, Pop Secret decided to solve the problem once and for all, so you can spend more time enjoying the movie and less time stressing over the snack! 

With your iPhone 5+ and iOS 7+, download Perfect Pop for free on the App Store. 

1. Put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and enter suggested cooking time from the packaging. Note: Perfect Pop is optimized for the deliciousness of Pop Secret popcorn only.

2. Turn up the volume on your iPhone. Point the phone’s speaker towards the microwave and keep within 3 feet.

3. Start the microwave, and then start the app.

No more relying on the popcorn button or guessing how many seconds in between pops. Pop Secret is serious about perfect popcorn, so the less you have to worry about, the more time you can spend enjoying movie night with your friends & family. Perfect Pop listens to the pops, waiting for the precise moment to let you know when your popcorn is perfect.

Do your kids normally sit and wait for you to make the popcorn? Well, prepare yourself for them to want to help! Yep, you read that right! The Perfect Pop app is a fantastic way to get the little ones into the kitchen too! They are going to love watching the app do it's magic and waiting for the moment it knows your popcorn is perfectly popped and ready to eat! 

So, grab the remote, your favorite DVD, and some Pop Secret tonight! Don't forget to visit the app store for the Perfect Pop app and wait for the fun to begin! Popped to tasty perfection, you'll never pop alone again! 

There is always something yummy popping over at Pop Secret. Click here to see!

Wanna see the app in action? Watch this awesome video from PopSecret!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by PopSecret. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Apple is not affiliated and does not endorse, sponsor or support this third party app. 

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