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Friday, February 7, 2014

After School Delight

Whenever I hear the words "after school snack" my mind goes to one image. Cookies, fresh from the oven, and a tall glass of milk. Why this picture pops into my head I'm not sure. I can't remember that being my after school snack one time growing up. Ha. Ha. I was more of a fan of salty snacks, and have never been a huge milk drinker. But for whatever reason, that's what pops into my head every single time.

And while we are on the subject of things we can't explain? Why exactly are kids so stinkin' hungry when they get home? The minute, and I mean very second, their feet hit the front door, their stomachs are screaming to be fed. How many moms hear on a daily basis, "Can I have a snack? I'm starving." It doesn't seem to matter when they eat lunch, or even how much they eat, by around 3 o'clock, they act as if they are malnourished and haven't ate for days.

If you were a kid who was treated to warm cookies and cold milk or not, I think we can all agree they are a match made in heaven; and a favorite treat for most of us. In fact, this dessert is a tribute to anybody that has ever taken a cookie, dipped it into their milk, savoring every single bite.

We're talking a no bake dessert. That uses cookies....dipped in milk! Let me say that again for those of you who are now coming too from fainting at just the thought of such bliss. An entire dessert of milk soaked cookies! Oh, and did I mention they are layered with Cool Whip? I know, you need a moment....

Your kids are going to flip for this. But I'm not going to lie, adults can't get enough either. My husband and son were literally fighting over the last piece. They licked the baking dish clean! In fact, this would be a great one to make for Valentine's Day! Something extra sweet for your sweeties!

Cookies and milk...something so simple can be so perfect and delicious. That's exactly how I would describe this recipe too!

Cookies and Milk No Bake Dessert From Gooseberry Patch
1 (13 oz.) package crunchy chocolate chip cookies
3/4 c. milk
1 ( 8 oz.) tub Cool Whip
Chocolate Chips

Dip each cookie in milk, coating whole surface. In a 9x13 pan layer cookies and Cool Whip, ending with Cool Whip. Top with chocolate chips. Cover and chill overnight.

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MommyonDemand said...

I would love to have this as my afternoon snack! Would love for you to come over and join our link party that just started! http://mommyondemand.com/happiness-homemade-6/

Krista said...

Thanks for the invite. I'll try to stop by!