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Friday, February 1, 2013

Beef....It's What's For Dinner

I love being able to share valuable info with all of you, especially when it comes to something I strongly believe in. So when Danielle asked if she could share some of the advantages to grass fed beef here on EMM, I was happy to oblige. See, it's all I feed my family, and anytime I'm asked by others for tips on meat, I always start with it. So , here she is to teach us all a little more about it~

The benefits of grass fed beef
As issues of global warming, sustainability and ethics are becoming more and more a part of our national dialogue, so too is our awareness of how our food made it’s way to our plate. Cannings Free Range Butchers are doing their bit to contribute to a sustainable and humane approach to how we rear and slaughter our meat.
How do you know if your food is ‘green’ (so to speak) It helps to ask the following questions of anything you buy: How many miles did your food travel to reach your plate? Were your eggs produced by cage hens? What’s the difference between grass fed and grain fed, anyway? Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re standing before a supermarket shelf of beef. One label makes no claims about the ethics of the farm on which the meat was reared. The other clearly states that your beef came from non-factory farmed, grass fed beef.
So what’s the difference? Put simply, grass fed is a wiser choice if you’re concerned for both the environment, and the well being of the beast. Cows are not to mean feed on grains- their digestive systems simply aren’t cut out for it. It makes sense, then, that grass fed beef should taste so much better.
Additionally, grass fed beef- free range in particular- is produced without the use of growth hormones.  The use of growth hormones in animals has attracted a lot of controversy. A 2010 John Hopkins university study found that  providing rats with growth hormone triggered early onset puberty, which brings with it a host of medical issues. This has worrying implications, as early onset puberty is associated with a host of physical and emotional problems.
To experience the superior quality of grass fed beef, contact the free range experts at www.canningsfreerangebutchers.com.au

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