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Monday, December 26, 2011

Still Celebrating

I hope each of you had a FANTASTIC Christmas!!! Was Santa good to you? We must have been very good this year b/c the 3 of us got spoiled over and over! We are very blessed, and grateful for such a wonderful day full of family, love and memories made.
December 26th is always a depressing day for me. I look forward to Christmas SO much and really start celebrating November 1st, so at the end of it all I'm kind of sad. However, I do have New Year's to look forward to and seeing more family, so that is getting me through the slump. But I do realize not all Christmas parties are over. In today's busy world, I know there are some out there who are probably celebrating this week, or even over the new year's weekend. (I know this b/c it's happened to our family in years past!)So just in case you aren't done cooking yet, I have a quick side dish that will go perfectly if you have one more turkey to baste, or even if you are having pork for good luck on January 1st. Cranberry Relish! It's a great partner to either protein, and this will be the easiest one you've ever made because....wait for it....It's NOT cooked! That's right, this one is completely "raw". My grandmother makes 2 cranberry sauces. One that is more traditional, cooked on the stove, and this one. My dad requested this one this year for Christmas b/c for the first time in many years my mom was cooking turkey. I was up to the task, and truthfully it was so simple, I'd be willing to do it again! If you are looking for something new for the last holiday party, or the New Year's Eve bash, try this and keep celebrating with me!

Cranberry Relish
1 bag fresh cranberries
1 medium apple, cored and peeled
1 Navel orange, peeled and as much of the white removed as you can
1 1/2 c. sugar (This is to taste. I just kept adding until it was sweet enough)

In a food processor, add cranberries, chopped apple and orange. Pulse until reaches desired consistency. Add sugar a little at a time and pulse in between. (I probably pulsed mine for a total of 5 minutes.)

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Yum Yum Krista. The color is beautiful and I am sure it's excellent.