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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas For Neighbors

I remember my parents always buying gifts for their neighbors at Christmastime. After all, they weren't just neighbors, they were friends. And to this day, they still have a few select that fall into that category and yes, they still buy gifts for them each year. I, on the other, have never established that kind of relationship w/ our neighbors. We're friendly w/ them, wave hello, and "talk over the fence" every once in a while. But I just wouldn't consider them close friends. That all changed this past year though. Four doors down from us are a fantastic family that we have become very close friends with and I am so lucky to have nearby. Our families are quickly becoming "those" people in the neighborhood--the ones you always see walking together, their kids playing together, chatting on the sidewalk...yep that's us. So this year, I wanted to make sure I had an extra special gift for the whole family to enjoy, to show how much we care for them, and appreciate their friendship. When I found this recipe in a Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cookbook I knew it would be perfect for the gift bag I was planning. In fact, it's a little wink and nudge to all of the vegetables we shared w/ them out of our garden this year. So, if you have a little extra time this holiday season, why not treat your neighbors w/ a little something to say "You make our neighborhood special."

Quick Bread and Butter Pickles from Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 2
1 qt. jar kosher dill pickles
2 cinnamon sticks
1 small onion, sliced
1 1/2 c. sugar
2 TBS white vinegar

Drain pickles and slice into 1/2" chunks. (I discarded the end pieces). Place back in clean jar. In a small bowl, combine sugar, vinegar, onions and cinnamon sticks. Pour over pickles. Replace lid and put in fridge. Stir mixture once per day, for 3 days. Your pickles are ready to serve after 3-4 days.

*NOTE* I added a splash of water to my sugar mixture to "loosen" it up a little to pour.

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Cindi said...

I bought my jar of pickles today to make these. I have a question...I want to make sure I will be doing it right. Am I supposed to drain all of the liquid away, and put the sliced pickles back into an empty jar? The sugar mixture doesn't seem to have much liquid in it...or does it create more liquid as it sits for 3 to 4 days? They sure look good! Thanks for posting the recipe! Cindi

Krista said...

That is why I added just a splash of water to my sugar mixture. I didn't think it looked right either. But yes, they "produce" liquid as the days go on. Just put the sliced pickles into an empty jar. Discard all of the original juice. Now I will say they don't "fill" the jar w/ juice like store bought ones, but there will be plenty in there when you're done. I'd say do what I did and just add a splash of water :)

Cindi said...

Thank you! I just made them and they are in the fridge right now! I added the splash of water, and that really did make it easier to pour over the sliced pickles. I think I'm going to have a hard time waiting 3 to 4 days to see how they turn out!! Thanks again!

Krista said...

Sure! Don't feel bad, each day when I stirred mine I took a little bite just to test them and each day they were better and better!