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Monday, July 25, 2011

Never Too Hot

I am not one of those cooks who, when May rolls around, puts the crock pot away until fall. I think the crock pot can be used year round, and is really great during the warmer months when you don't want to use the oven. But I do find myself using mine less in the summer, but that's not the fault of the crock pot. That's the cook's fault. See, I tend to make dishes in mine that lend to colder temps. Buffalo Chili, Cheddar Potato Soup, Split Pea Soup etc. None of these are at the top of my menu list in July or August. But when I find a recipe that can easily be adapted for the crock pot, or is one I haven't made it it before, I am happy to dig it out, plug it in, and let it do the work for me. That's the case w/ smoked sausage and sauerkraut. I have been making this dish since Adam and I were dating and he was living in a one bedroom duplex w/ a small eat in kitchen. We had so much fun in that tiny house! We would go to the discount grocery store and for $20 get enough groceries to last him a month (it was easy b/c he was eating most dinner time meals at my parents' house w/ me ) and then after I would make "sausage, kraut and peas" as we called it. Throw some sauerkraut in a skillet, add the sausage and simmer. Heat some canned peas up in the microwave and ta-dah, dinner was served. And we thought we were eating good! To this day, it's still something I make for a super quick weeknight meal and we love it all the same. However, this time, I was going to be out of the house most of the day and needed supper waiting on me--here comes the crock pot. I found this, changed a few things to suit our tastes and now I have a whole new way of preparing this meal we've come to enjoy so much. Your crock pot: It's not just for winter time soups anymore!

Slow Cooker Sauerkraut and Sausage Adapted from Allrecipes.com

2 cans sauerkraut
1/4 c. brown sugar
2 packages Smoked Sausage rings, cut into portions
2 tsp Dijon mustard

In a medium bowl, combine sauerkraut, sugar and mustard. Place in slow cooker, leaving about 1/2 c. reserved. Arrange sausage over and then top w/ rest of kraut mixture. Cook on high for 2 hours, check for dryness and then cook on high for 2 additional hours. Or on low setting about 4 hours. If dry, add a little water. Serve sausage on top of sauerkraut w/ peas or potatoes on side.

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carolinaheartstrings said...

I am with you. I use my crockpot all year. Especially when it is as hot as it has been in NC. Who wants to use the oven. Your recipe looks wonderful. Come over and visit us. We have a great grilled squash recipe today.

Serendipity Stitcher said...

That sounds good. I think I will try this the next time we have Sausage,

Anonymous said...

I believe my husband would enjoy this receipe-I am not so sure about me since I am not a kraut person. Karen

Angie Henley said...

Mmmmmm.....I love sausage and kraut! Sounds good, definitely one I will give a try. Thanks for sharing!

Miz Helen said...

Sauerkraut and Sausage is one of my all time favorites. It is just an all around great dish. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you again real soon. Hope you are having a great week!
Miz Helen

Restore Relationships said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that eats Sauerkraut and sausage! I never thought to cook it in the crock pot. I like to make German fried potatoes with mine and seasoned green beans. Thanks