Everyday Mom's Meals: A Blast From The Past with Beanos

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Blast From The Past with Beanos

When I first saw Conroy Foods' condiment line Beanos, I was immediately intrigued. From sandwich sauces like Horse Radish to their variety of Mustards, and tons of yummy things in between, they definitely have a little something for everyone. 

But the one that caught my eye the most, that made me drool and sent me into a total deja vu moment was their Original Submarine Dressing

See, when I was a little girl, while I am a born and raised Hoosier, some of my best memories come from my time spent in Pennsylvania. My parents were raised there, and my grandparents lived there the whole time I was growing up, so we made the 6 hour trip a lot to see them. And every summer my mom and I would go "home" for 2 weeks. 

It was during one of those trips my Grandpa started raving about this little sub shop they found in a neighboring town. They had to visit this town about once a month for a specific doctor and every time they got subs for lunch. He could not stop talking about them. He loved them. So of course he wanted to share them with us. 

I don't remember a lot about the sandwich itself, but the sauce I do. I distinctly recall Grandpa always getting his dressed with their "house dressing" and it was definitely what made the sandwich so delicious. 

Fast forward 30 years, and me not having one of those subs in about as long, and you can see why I would be so excited to try Beanos version. Oh, and ironically enough they are a family owned Pennsylvania company too! It's truly kismet!

A mix of soybean oil, red wine vinegar and fresh Italian spices make up this amazing concoction that truly takes any sandwich to the next level. The minute I tasted it, I knew my suspicions were right. It was indeed very close to that dressing Grandpa loved so much, and that brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

If you love sandwiches as much as we do, especially subs, you will flip for this. I can't wait to start having subs more and more at home (yay for saving money too!) now that I have Beanos in the fridge to make them extra yummy!

To see if Beanos is sold near you, click here. And to stay upon the latest deliciousness they are putting out, be sure to visit them online and Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram too!

Disclaimer: I was given free samples for this features. The thoughts, opinions and stories are all mine.

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