Everyday Mom's Meals: Weekend Company {Guest Blogger Bekki}

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend Company {Guest Blogger Bekki}

Welcome to the weekend. In fact, welcome to the "even though it doesn't feel like it" first weekend of Spring! If it does feel warmer and brighter at your house, I'm jealous! We have no end to winter in sight...but we're still hoping!

Today's guest needs no introduction, she's been with us so many times. So, grab a cup of coffee and once again join Bekki in the EMM kitchen~

I just celebrated 3 years married to my amazing husband Josh. We share a home in California with our fur babies, Minnie and Shadow.  After years of learning recipes and tricks from my mom, grandmothers and aunts I moved on to learn and teach cake decorating.  Enjoying every minute! All while learning tricks and tips of my own to improve on, and make healthier versions of my favorites. To later compile and write my own cookbook to share with all that love food as much as I do. I hope that these recipes bring you joy and sweet memories as they always have for my family and I.
Happy Spring EMM fans! Most of us are ready for the sun to stay out, and to enjoy more time outdoors. I am definitely one of those people!
With St. Patrick’s Day just passing I still have the smell of cabbage lingering in my mind. It’s a vegetable that gets the back seat for most dishes.  We really enjoy it here in our house and it takes center stage in many of our meals. Today I thought we could take it one step further and use Brussels sprouts, a close cousin but very delicious none the less. I’ve dressed this one up some for you though. A side dish with some extras.

Brussels sprouts with Spicy Sausage
 2 tbs. Unsalted butter
1 tbs. olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
sweet red peppers, sliced
1 pound Brussels sprouts, quartered
3 large pre-cooked hot sausage links, sliced
Salt to taste
Granulated garlic to taste
In a large skillet, add oil and butter and heat until oil is glistening.  Add onions, peppers, and Brussels sprouts. Sprinkle with salt and garlic. Cook until onions have softened. Add sausage and cook until sprouts are tender, and sausage is warmed through. Taste for seasoning and add additional salt and garlic if desired. Serve hot with your favorite main course or as a stand alone meal.

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