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Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Loves One Bite

It is no secret that your Everyday Mom is a major avocado lover. I make no qualms about trying to eat them as much as possible and adding them to any recipe I can. But here is another food love of mine that you may not be aware of, and some of you might have never heard of it...capicola. Have you had it? Capicola is a dry-cured Italian deli meat that comes in either sweet or hot varieties. Me? I prefer the hot version. And I can't do extremely spicy, so it is just the amount of heat for me. I had no idea what it was until Mr. Everyday picked some during a trip to our local butcher's and for me it was love at first bite. I love it plain, in sandwiches, on crackers, just about any way I can get it. So when I went to the fridge the other day knowing I had some left in the meat drawer, and realized I also had an avocado I needed to use I thought "Why not find a way to combine them into a simple lunch." And that idea turned into why not make lunch for me, but at the same time create an easy appetizer too. These definitely fit the bill for both. Something light and tasty for lunch for one, or make a big platter of them for your next party. When two foods I love come together so well, it's like harmony in my mouth!

Capicola Wrapped Avocado
2 avocados, pit removed and sliced (Mine yielded about 8 slices each)
16 slices Spicy Capicola, shaved thin (Ask your deli counter to shave instead of slice to achieve the thinnest texture)
Sea Salt

Slice each avocado. Carefully wrap each slice with a piece of capicola. Lay on serving platter, seam side down. Sprinkle with sea salt.*NOTE* If made ahead of time, or sitting out, carefully brush each slice with lemon juice to avoid browning. 

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