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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Light But Manly

So after spending 2 weeks in the sun of Florida, where yes it was quite warm, but also with a comfortable ocean breeze, last Saturday we stepped out of the car after driving for 22 hours onto what can only be described as the "surface of the sun". Yes, it was that hot in Indiana. And yes, it was much hotter than Florida. We're talking almost unbearably hot...103 degrees to be exact! And it wasn't even noon yet! It was that kind of heat and humidity that takes your breath away. After all that traveling (with only an hour of sleep...yes Mr. Everyday is a driving machine!), unloading the car and then helping me to unpack everything, my tired, hot husband was in need of something to fill his stomach. But when it's that hot, who wants to eat? Not him, that's for sure! But he needed to, so I decided to make him something that would be light, yet satisfying. How about a sandwich that eats like a meal, but isn't too heavy?! A sandwich. A manly sandwich. A triple decker sandwich! Filling but not so much he would feel even worse after eating it. He loves rye bread, so I chose to use that, but your favorite would be yummy too. Even when I'm hot and exhausted, it is still my job to make sure my family is well fed!

Triple Decker Turkey Club
Makes 1 sandwich
3 slices marbled rye bread, toasted
2-3 slices deli turkey, sliced medium
2 slices tomato
3 slices bacon, crisp
2 leaves leaf lettuce

On first slice of toast spread mayo. Place lettuce, tomato and bacon. Add second slice of toast. Top with turkey and lettuce. Spread 3rd slice of toast with mayo and top sandwich. Cut into 4 triangles and use cocktail toothpicks to hold together.

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